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Изменено (Phantom429): 4/24/2017 8:52:41 PM

Just a humble request from a Last Word fan

Do you think that maybe, just maybe, you can undo some of the nerfs done to The Last Word, seeing as, you know... it's the most nerfed out of any singular gun in the game. You don't even need to fully reinstate it to its former glory... you can keep the bonus hipfire damage off the table (even though it was awesome), you can keep the range in the terrible place it's in. But for the love of all things sweet can you buff the stability lol. Now before everyone flames me (which I'm sure will happen regardless) I know there are people out there who have broken the mould and are still somehow gods with TLW. I will be the first to admit I'm not one of them, when I started playing Crucible in Year 1 I found a home with that gun. I thought it was too legit to quit (except for the ADS bonus damage glitch, that was straight bs). I formed my playstyle around that gun and I got good in the crucible with that gun in that state (the state where if you're 6-8ft from someone and you hold the trigger 6 out of your 8 shots wouldn't miss because of obscene recoil. And hipfire would actually connect). Now whenever I hipfire TLW my bullets form a miraculous "V" around my targets like they're all Moses. Anyway it's super cruddy to consistently have to get good with things that you don't enjoy using because people like to complain. I hated the Thorn, I hated Firebolts with Touch of flame and Viking funeral. But I never requested a nerf on them, because those are people's playstyle and if it was really such a problem to me I would use the same thing (you know, seeing as anyone can use any subclass). Backtracking to my original point of this paragraph, IMHO I'm not "good" with any primary, not like I was with TLW. So before I ramble on and keep reminiscing I'll request that for once, maybe you can listen to the people who want to see an EXOTIC, that's accessible to ALL, with NO ROLL DEVIATION rise back to a portion of its former glory. At least enough so your shots hit where you're looking more consistently [spoiler]Cue the following responses: "Get good scrub" "You'll never get your crutch back" "TLW was just as bad as Thorn good that it sucks now" "TLW's exotic perk is OP right now! That slightly increased fire rate from the hip and full auto really warrant it being an exotic!" (Lol I'm straight clowning on this one, in terms of exotic perk this is pure trash) "Learn to use something that takes real skill! Like a matador or wormwood!" Etc[/spoiler]

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