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4/24/2017 3:16:31 AM

xAllegiancex is recruiting! Help with all PvE/PvP activities!

XALLEGIANCEX IS NOW RECRUITING! JOIN NOW TO TACKLE THE HARDEST CHALLENGES IN DESTINY AND BUILD LASTING CLANMATES AND FRIENDS! Overlord_Mills here, an administrator from the USW division! We are currently recruiting PS4/XBone members from all over the world. We are looking for members that are willing to be team players, mature, and friendly with all community members! We have guardians across divisions all over the globe, and all timezones, so there is a place for everyone in our clan! Each division plays with others, so you can play with clanmates all over the world! Our massive community is growing fast, with over 10-20 events posted DAILY. Events are held in all time zones worldwide. We have everything and anything you can think of! 390 raids with challenges, training raids for inexperienced or new players, Nightfall, Iron Banner, Casual or Lighthouse Trials of Osiris, 6v6 crucible, CoE/PoE, and much more! Need some help with difficult quests such as the Lost to Light mission for Black Spindle, Touch of Malice Calcified Fragment hunting, or the Outbreak prime quest? Look no further, as there is a whole community waiting to help out! We even have some events to change things up occasionally, such as one class raids, Nightfall races, raid races, Handicap raids, clanmate private matches, speed runs and world record attempts and much more! Want an event at a convenient time for you? You can request it on our home site in the forums and our massive team of administrators will put an event up for you! Our website is convenient to use, with an event calendar to locate your favorite activities and sign up for one of the slots! Complete and compete in our events to rise the PvP and PvE ranks, and gain access to our VIP discord servers! Events are hosted on our Twitch channel, across all of our administrators, so you can watch your clan-mates play anytime! What are you waiting for? There's a whole community of fun players of all skilled players waiting for you! Come be apart of one of the biggest clans out there, and become legend. To join our clan, visit and follow the instructions on the main page to submit an application and join your division. Please put Overlord_Mills as your referring admin. The main website is a hub for communication with news, an event calendar, forums, and a live chatbox to organize unoffical events with clan-mates or get some help on some tough quests. Or to just relax with some Please check us out at the links below and enjoy our content put together by our amazing teams! Twitch channel: xAllegiancexTwitch YouTube Channel: xAllegiancexYouTube Don't hesitate to ask any of the admins any questions you have! See you in xAx soon! -Overlord_Mills xAx Admin

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