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Contacting bungie for help about Sterling treasure

I made a post two weeks ago say I g my Sterling treasure wasn't working. I am not complaint about RNG, but some of the boxes I openned gave me no armor of any kind, when one piece of spektar or desolate is guaranteed in each. It seemed the spektar was dropping but the desolate was not. Some people responded, mostly thinking it was an RNG complaint, but no one from bungie. At the same time I submitted a help request about issue with eververse items, because Sterling treasure was sold through the eververse. Today I got a response to that help ticket saying it was closed because either: [u][/u]"It was submitted without required information It was off-topic to the contact form that was used It was concerning an issue that can be resolved by searching or the #Help forums" So please help me. What form am I meant to use? I posted on the help forum already and got other players input and one other saying he had the same problem but no help. I have searched many many times and not seen a help article about it, and I filled out the one form I found that might apply. Please tell me where to go or how to contact someone to get actual support for the Sterling treasure not giving out guaranteed items. It shouldn't be this much effort to get a hold of support, and instead of a form letter if there really was somewhere else my problem was addressed already or a better form to use they could have sent me the link to that. Thanks. Edited because spelling is hard.

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