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4/8/2017 10:37:34 PM

House of Scar, Ch. 14: An Unprecedented Gift

Wrapping up my crossover with Azid's Reef Mob! :D If you missed his last chapter, go [url=]here[/url]. If you missed my last chapter, go [url=]here[/url]. If you are looking for all my chapters, go to the [url=]Table of Contents[/url]. Enjoy ;) I stare into my rear view camera as my ketch soars further and further from the Vestian Outpost. Unfortunately, I knew Mariel’s plan was to enter the Prison of Elders, a gladiator built by the Awoken of the Vestian Web for entertainment. The arena confines some of the worst criminals in the system, from Urrox, Flame Prince, to Valus Trau’ug, mutineer to the Empire. I give a Kell’s honor to her for bravery and survival. The Corsairs did not bother pursuing my ship for their lack of preparation. The Wolves lost their Kell, Virixas, because they had overstayed their welcome on Ceres, and allowed the Queen to prepare. Now they serve under a mad Kell, who believes he can fulfill Rain’s prophecy. He tried to make me join his wretched cause back at Heathen’s Port, but I do not follow one who does not deserve to be Kell of Wolves, let alone Kell of all! [i]I should probably check on Vrayth after I get my pay from Seren, [/i] I thought to myself. Teriks-syn finally arrived at 6 Demeter, and I was already greeted with the mob’s ships. I flew a skiff down, alone, to collect the reward. My best guess was ether, munitions, or some weapon as to what the payment would be. My skiff was parked in the hangar of Hedon House, and when I got off the ship, the deckhands were intimidated by my enormous stature and masculinity. They led to the throne room, where Seren smiled and I began to feel she is all too happy when a visitor comes by; I don’t know what she gets out of it, but that’s none of my business. She smiles at me when I approach her throne and says, “Lokis tells me you did well at the job he assigned. I thank you for assisting my daughter, as well.” The words strike me. [i]Her daughter? Who could-[/i] “Mariel. The ‘family member’ that I was helping you pry out of Taniks’ ketch and the woman I was working with was your daughter?” Seren simply smiled and said, “Indeed, Vesrik, but back to the reward: I do not have as ether, but I do have some that will come with a weapon of grand rarity to compensate the rest of the promised supply.” I love how she was so quick to change the subject. Luckily I can ponder, and I know what happens when one challenges her for answers. I did not take the time to think about the mob’s involvement in the Talon’s plot until now. More importantly, why Seren is the one lending me the payment. [i]Did she orchestrate this plan to attack the Prison? Did she offer the Talons vengeance for her own ends to destroy a potential threat?[/i] This wasn’t a very comforting thought. Before I could zone out, I replied, “A weapon, you say? Of what sort?” “It was created by a Guardian of legendary proportion.” A Sarif shows me a rifle with a skull mounted to the front and green triangles painted on the barrel. I say with curiosity, “How strange… what is its name?” “The name is Bad Juju, and it normally came with a journal, but the one who gave it to my Sarif insisted on keeping said journal…” She stared at the Sarif coldly, as if she saw that this journal was important. I took the rifle, and wanted to leave as soon as possible. “Thank you, Seren, but I have to leave to check on a servitor.” She replies with sentiment, “So soon, Vesrik?” I knew it was false sentiment, and I knew not to trust her. “Yes, it is of urgency.” I bow my head in respect. “Goodbye, your highness.” I board the skiff, and head for the Scarship. I swear that woman has so many tricks and secrets, even more so than the City’s Future War Cult! If I can, I’ll avoid the Reef Mob as best I can; something tells me she has more connections than she is laying off. Once I get off my skiff, I head for the servitor construction hall to check on that strange Eliksni, Vrayth. I do not know what that tech was, or who he was, but I had to accept him. More and more of my people would join House Scar, and I needed a prime not only to feed them, but to show them that we are not dead. I walk inside, and I watch the Archon work on the chassis of Teriks Prime. The machine was a true beauty, and would be the key to raising a strong house. This also means Vrayth was not lying, which was fortunate. He does have the talents of an Archon Priest. The red Eliksni turns around and bows. “Good evening, my kell. Teriks Prime is almost finished, and he is turning out to be grand. Eventually, he will need a lair to call home.” I had to think on this. The only home I have known for several long years is the ketch! I knew Vrayth was right, but would that mean leaving the Reef or settling on an asteroid? Then again, the Reef wasn’t very welcoming. Sure, it had all the basic needs for survival and plenty of ether, but do I want to spend any more time here? This place held nothing dear to me! Heathen’s Port, the Wolves, the Queen, the Reef Mob, all either trying to kill me or use me! Staying on the run forever will have consequences, but so does creating a domain. I replied, “Thank you for the suggestion. I will make plans for it, Vrayth, certainly. We must find somewhere other than an asteroid, though. This journey will most likely take us to the inner planets of this system.” Vrayth nodded and said, “Your welcome, your highness.” I left the room to head for the bridge, and I found myself staring at the Bad Juju. [i]I honestly and not sure what to do with you,[/i] I thought. I got on the bridge and was welcomed by Rager. He immediately noticed the pulse rifle in my hands, and stared curiously. “What is that, Vesrik? Did you get you a prize while you were out?” I reply, “This was my reward from Seren and the Talons. I have no use for it, honestly. Are you interested?” He stares eagerly at the weapon. “Very much so! It’s a work of art!” I roll my eyes, although he wouldn’t be able to tell. “Each to their own, as your old-Earth saying goes.”

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