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House of Scar, Ch. 13: The Diversion

This is my crossover chapter with Azid's Reef Mob series! If you missed his crossover chapter, you can find it [url=]here[/url]. If you missed the last chapter of this series, you can find it [url=]here[/url]. If you are looking for all the chapters, go to the [url=]Table of Contents[/url]. Comment and like would be appreciated ;) Lokis and his crew of miscreants were getting ready to board the stolen guardian ships. Just forty-five minutes ago, I watched as he decapitated the ships' owners: all three of them with one stroke of the sword, and the crushed remains of their ghosts in the other hand. The Talon Kell and I had different views on how to express power. Although we had our differences, I admired his totalitarian rule. As much as I do not like him, one cannot help but envy his power and craftsmanship. [i]Would I be a better kell if I was more resourceful?[/i] The thought left my mind as the Talon dictator approached. "You know what you must do, Vesrik. I don't want a single Corsair on our backs; and if we do, my Talons will hunt you." I smirked behind my mask at the threat. "And the dead soldiers wonder why they do not know much about you until they meet you." Lokis steps closer, not appreciating the joke. "I mean it, you fool! Not one ship, or I will have your head! You are lucky to even make a deal with a kell like I." [i]Narcissistic can be added to the list of the things that you are[i], I thought to myself bitterly. He stared at me as he walked aboard the guardian ship with his Talons. Before I got on my ship, I decided to speak to Mariel, just to clear things up. She glared purposefully as I approached her, clearly upset with how, or even why, we were made to team up. I sighed, trying to gain the courage to speak. "I know what I said earlier, but my purpose is not to avenge a wretched brute. I wish death on that monster in the Prison of Elders because Taniks was not his to kill!" She cocked her head questioningly. "Then who was he to be killed by? You?" I nodded. "When I found out he was torturing and murdering innocents, I challenged Taniks. In the end, he had found a way to flush me out of his ketch, but I left him crippled, or scarred, for all intents and purposes. That should have been his end..." Guilt ran from my eyes for the first time in years, and I had felt responsible for the deaths of many that my brother had killed. I looked back up at the former Tanis. She seemed to show signs of understanding in her eyes. [i]Then again, I could be wrong. I grew up with eliksni, with the same look in our eyes we always have: blue.[/i] I almost laughed at the thought, but I decided now was not the best time. I accepted Mariel's nod of forgiveness, although I knew we both still didn't trust each other. "Valerie, Nayvadis, I want you two piloting the skiff! The plan is to draw the Corsairs away from Lokis, which will stay closely behind us. Mariel's Volition will be helping us as well." I shouted orders at my crew, and I already missed the Scarship Teriks-syn and my Pilot Servitor, despite the fact that not even a day has passed. Valerie replied, "Your Highness is this really a good idea? I've met Talons before, and I never really find them trustworthy." She's right, honestly. "We should be fine, dear. Lokis seemed very serious about this mission; after all, it is the vengeance of his son." She nodded, although Valerie wasn't completely satisfied with my answer. Once the ships reached orbit, we went into hyper speed. Soon we would be at the Reef... in the Queen's territory. Luckily, I took Scar's paint and banners off of the skiff before we left, just so I could maintain neutrality. Once we reached the Reef, Lokis following a good distance behind, we got ever closer to the Vestian Web. After the mission, I will rendezvous with Rager at the helm of my ketch near 6 Demeter to collect my reward from Seren Cay. That is assuming I survive the mission. Nayvadis looks to me nervously and says, "Sir, we have just entered the Queen's domain." My barons' vandals that we brought with us also looked nervous. Not one of us was happy about this. Valerie looks at the rearview camera. Her face says everything. "Vesrik, we have a dozen Corsair ships behind us, and I do not think they are happy." Lokis gets on the comms of both my ship and Mariel's, and says, "Now is your queue! Speed away from them, and lure them far from us!" I reply to him confidently, "Got it, Lokis." I open up a channel to the Volition. "Mariel, on my signal, we are going to draw these Corsairs far away from Lokis, in three, two, one... NOW!" Valerie hits the accelerator hard, and steers in the opposite direction of the Prison. The Volition flies closely beside us, and the Corsairs not far behind us. We saw a large chunk of a Golden Age ship. Mariel eagerly says through the channel, "We are going to cause as many as we can to crash into ship!" I like the idea. As we came closer to the dead ship, Valerie whipped around it as the Corsairs continued to speed. Half of them had crashed into it! Mariel contacted me once more, "I'll lure three of them toward me and you take the other three!" I replied through the comms, "Understood. Let's make this a joy-ride..." The Volition took off with three speeding needle-like Galliots behind it. [i]Then the rest are behind us[/i], I thought with adrenaline pumping. I scooted Nayvadis off the cannons to have some fun of my own. I look to Valerie and say, "Turn around! We have enough space between us for me to blow them out into space!" The Awoken woman looks at me hesitantly. "Turn around!" Valerie quickly snaps out of it, and whirls around, and we are directly facing the Corsairs! I steady my aim, and ready myself to hit one of the ships. I press down on the triggers and a Galliot falls. Valerie whips around the other two to buy us time to survive. I ready my aim once more. Another Galliot falls. "One more..." My adrenaline is pumping and my mind set on this Corsair. Valerie turns around so I can face the last Ceres Galliot. I notice it is speeding towards us rather than trying to shoot us down. Nayvadis shouts in fear, "That Corsair is trying to become a kamikaze!" I had to do something! Rather than use my cannons, I ready my torpedoes to destroy the speeding bullet of a ship! But before I can steady my aim, Nayvadis pushes me aside. He slams down on the button, and the torpedoes have launched. I cover my eyes, expecting them to miss and our ship go to oblivion! I realized seconds later that we were not dead, and the corpse of the Corsair ship sat a short distance in front of us. Nayvadis approaches me cockily, obviously proud of his risky, yet life-saving shot. "You misjudged my aim, yes?"

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