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Sunsinger build question for higher tier players

I currently play a really fun build using Sunsinger. I use Angel of Light and Push melee with Aspects and Felwinters Lie. I seem to do very well in my tier as most players are unfamilar/unprepared for this strategy. I don't have a super but seeing that it is an extention of my neutral game anyway I choose the boosts all game long. I use heavy gunplay and combined with stat boosts and unusual perks I seem to constantly have an edge. 6v6 is not surprising but I did very well in supremecy inferno and regular mode and tried elimination as well. Elimination is hit and miss as 2 games one person quit right away. I still played them out but got pinched often. Is this something that would be foolish at a higher tier? Is special a must have for the Sunsinger? What build is the go to on the mountian top? ***Video Link*** Here is the best of the hand full of elimination games I played. I think they were just really bad but I want tips on how to improve this build. Its a full 10mins if you are interested.

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