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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
Изменено (Screamin1Eagle35): 3/26/2017 8:21:47 PM

Destiny film project

So ill start by saying hi i just got back to playing destiny which is my favorite game ever! Im an aspiring guitarist/vocalist and sound designer to record and edit sound for game studios, music, and film in the future. Iv been to college for film and iv been to Daytona state college for a semester for music production. While i still want to to what i want i chose to work my way into it without going to school and gain experience hands on. So recently i chose to make a film or 3 part series for the game destiny before the launch of the sequel to celebrate the game and then when the second comes out to continue work if possible (this is all recorded in game as well and be posted on Youtube). While i dont have a story yet i have an idea and need a team of ppl to help write, storyboard, video record, audio record, etc. So heres is some of the stuff i need. Must be 18 and over with any experience in any of these fields and have necessary equipment or skills to perform this as well as have some sort of time to work on this. All applicants must have Rise of Iron to help. This project is not paid and is to help ppl get a jump into the media world without the stresses of college. Contact me for an interview! Writers and scriptwriters 2-3 Storyboarders 2 Audio editing and recording 2-3 (ill be helping) Video recording and "camera" crew 3-4 (variable and must have ps4) Video editing crew 2 (can be part of the video recording crew) Actors (when we need them and must be able to video record too must have ps4) If theres any other ideas or positions that aren't posted here that you think could help, contact me (info below) Also if u cant help at all but wanna see this project go through share this around i would much appreciate it. Here is my contact information: PSN: Screamin1Eagle35 Kik: ScreaminEagle25 Skype: walter101st Email and phone numbers will be only given to applicants if they pass through the interview due to privacy

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