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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
3/24/2017 3:40:26 PM

Tower+ v6.2 for Android released! Be ready for refreshing vendors and finish your collections!

The latest version of [b][url=]Tower+ for Android[/url][/b] has been released, and now it uses [b]Bungie's official OAuth system[/b] for logging in! Now you don't have to enter your login information to use the app, and as long as you use it once every 90 days you won't have to re-login for a year! Also, if you play on both Xbox and PSN, you can now switch between the two without needing to log out! Tower+ lists all the items for sale in Destiny, including all their perks, stats, and whether or not they're Tier 12. It also has a notification system that will alert you when a particular vendor refreshes, when Tier 12 armor goes on sale, or when a ship is being sold that isn't in your collection! [b]With this you can keep on top of all the newly refreshing vendors in Age of Triumph and can make sure you finish your collections for your record book![/b] -=-=-=-=- [b]Features[/b] [b][url=]Tower+[/url][/b] is a [b]free/ad-free Android app[/b] that is designed to be the best place to get information about what the vendors are selling, with features such as: * [b]Detailed information[/b] about the items vendors are selling, including all their talents/perks, both their visible and hidden stats, their attack/defense value, their "item quality"/how close to maximum their stats are (for those hunting Tier 12), and their price * [b]Collection indicators[/b] showing if an Emblem/Shader/Emote/etc. being sold is not in your Collection * [b]A notification system[/b] that will check the vendors' stocks when they refresh and will notify you as soon as an item you want goes on sale * [b]A wish list[/b] so you can keep track of what you want to buy! -=-=-=-=- [b]Screenshots[/b] * [b][url=]Vendor List: Cryptarch Artifact Stat Rolls[/url][/b] * [b][url=]Vendor List: Iron Banner Stat Rolls[/url][/b] * [b][url=]Vendor List: Vanguard Scout Stat Rolls[/url][/b] * [b][url=]Armor Details[/url][/b] * [b][url=]Weapon Details: Perks[/url][/b] * [b][url=]Weapon Details: Stats[/url][/b] -=-=-=-=- [b]Advantages[/b] With this app, you can quickly find out (among many other things): * Which of the Emblems the Outfitter is selling are not in your Collection without needing to leave and check * What the talents are on the weapons that arrived on Armsday as soon as they come in (and you can easily compare the options by swiping) * What Xur is selling as soon as he arrives and how good the rolls are on the armor he brought * How good the rolls are on the all the armor for sale each week at refresh * What bounties and gear are available for Iron Banner, Trials of Osiris, and the Weekly Bounties right when they start -=-=-=-=- [b]Notifications[/b] You can set up the app to notify you when any of the following happens: * A particular vendor's stock refreshes, regardless of what they're selling * A vendor starts selling an item of a certain type and rarity (and for Emblems/Shaders/etc you can also tell the app to only notify you if the item is not in your Collection) * The Gunsmith starts selling a weapon with a particular talent Just set up the filters and the app will notify you as soon as the item you want goes on sale! -=-=-=-=- [b]iOS/Windows Phone?[/b] I'm sad to say it's looking like Tower+ will remain Android-only for Destiny 1, but I'm actively learning cross-platform languages to make sure that once Destiny 2 is out my apps will be available for all platforms. -=-=-=-=- Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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