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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
3/22/2017 4:42:44 AM

The Real Reason "people are leaving" - not what you think

this might be a long one, can't really put a TL;DR, but i'll think about one as i type this all up alright, so it's obvious that the forums have been up in arms since the last weapons patch, and the crucible playlist seems to have severely dwindled down, to the point that Bungie is actually changing the Crucible Director in the next patch, to help come to terms with the exodus a lot of people have their own opinions [i]1.) the LAG!! get dedicated servers bungo 2.) omg, special weapon ammo nerf, i can't even 3.) "The Meta"[/i] so let me break this down for you before i get to my main point, as i've put thousands of hours into this game, and i've been on both ends of the spectrum [b]1.) people are not leaving because of the lag[/b] now i know that lag exists, and bungie/activision really should have dedicated servers, but people don't leave this game over it people get angry when the lag works against them, but you never know when the lag works FOR YOU, and at times when you're having a great game, another person might think the same about you sure, it sucks that there is lag in the game, but a) it's been around so long that it's genuinely a part of the experience at this point and b) for non-dedicated servers, it's actually not "that bad" [b]2.) people aren't leaving because of special ammo[/b] now i know this topic is fresh, and people might give me numbers about the player exodus, but they aren't leaving specifically because of special ammo corrections, more or less there has been a "breaking point" that has been met, and it's just a coincidence that special ammo corrections was the last thing to spill over the top a lot of newer players don't know (and some older players have forgotten) that a long *LONG* time ago, heavy ammo actually "carried over" on death (just like special used to) - - but the catch was that the ENEMY got your heavy ammo, not you when they nerfed heavy ammo (to what special is now) people were pretty pissed that their arsenal wasn't all-powerful anymore, but we adapted eventually down the line, especially in skirmish and trials of osiris, people preferred NOT to have heavy ammo at all, we *will* adapt [b]3.) people are not leaving because there is a "Meta" [/b] now i probably won't deny that people don't want to play a game with only 1 style, but when you enter a game where you have certain customizations over your weapons, and a free-range crucible, you're gonna have to expect people are going to gravitate to those "hollister" and "abercrombie & fitch" styles of play this has nothing to do with FPS games or weapons at all, it's just basic human nature, whether it's guns that are cool looking, guns with nifty perks, or just guns that "do well" fact remains that guns that "used to be crappy" are now "being nerfed" - - and this isn't because they got better, it's just that everyone started playing differently the "Meta" has nothing to do with weapon balances, nerfs, or buffs - - it's all a mind game, with how Fusion Rifles are all of a sudden coming back into play, even though it's the "Side Arm" meta a lot of people on the forums might not realize that the side-arm phase of the update is nearing it's end already, regardless of the upcoming nerf, people who play consistently in the crucible have noticed the past week that many many more players are switching to saladin-vigil and branded-lord style of play, either VERY FAST fusions they can use at close range, or VERY POWERFUL fusions they can use at long range [u][i][b]TL;DR : So Why *ARE* People Leaving The Game?[/b][/i][/u] It's because Battleborn killed Destiny. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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