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3/21/2017 8:47:42 PM
I think they need to be left alone. I'm going to agree with logan on the issue. If you seem to be getting stuck around corners it was mostly due to lag. It happens with every weapon or ability. As a matter of fact I got a picture of one of my deaths. My ghost was clearly around the corner in cover but you can see where the guy that killed me was. But where I died didn't make sense because I was clearly out of the guy's line of sight. I got killed by mida. Now I can go on a rant about how mida should be nerfed or I could realize that what was happening on my screen wasn't exactly happening on the other guy's because of lag. I've used sticky grenades plenty of times against the shotgun warriors and shoulder charge warriors plenty of times in the previous metas and I know that there is a magnetism but it's not as great as it's being made out to be. If it was the case then ALL of my encounters with shotgun and shoulder charge warriors would have ended in a win. But they do miss. They DO have moments where they should stick but don't. They are balanced I think. And let's say hypothetically that the tracking is ridiculous. Bungie has never nerfed things slightly. All stickies will end up being nerfed into the ground. Sunsinger will almost completely useless in pvp. And with special ammo gone there'll be another ability that'll be complained about because most of the counters will be useless. Shoulder charge could make a bigger comeback.

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