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I've discovered how to get off-topic fame.

Option 1: Get a gimmick. such as Theluckyseven's, [spoiler]The luckiest seven you will ever meet[/spoiler] Thegreatnike's [i]~thegreatnike[/i], gravyboat's [spoiler]that thing with the food orders from GTA I think[/spoiler] or Carbonite flux's. [spoiler]you look really nice today or something along those lines[/spoiler] Then stalk the forums till you are noticed. Option 2: Take a wildly unpopular/inflammatory topic and defend it to your death. KrishnasProphet is the best example of this. Option 3: Rick Roll people constantly or something of the equivalent from YouTube. Option 4: Get good copypastas and put it in all your spoilers. Thelegend27 (if you remember his short stint of glory in the forbidden land of #destiny) Option 5: Comment on literally everything. Option 6: be famous then leave for abit then come back after your name is only remembered in legend. Døøb is a good one. Add on this in the comments if you can I don't like politics give me upv... Ummm. Yes [spoiler]I remain unamused[/spoiler]

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