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Tails of the Dragon Slayer -- Episode IV: Hunting Day

“Pari,” Eguor whispered as he shook me. “It’s time to get up. The sun’s almost up, and we’ve gotta hurry if we want to hunt some daybreakers.” “Mk,” I moaned, not wanting to wake up. But, I did, even though it was very sluggish. The night before had been a little rough for me. I was too excited with finding that gun might be mine one day, but there were also the memories of Yor and what he had done. By the time I finally got outside the tent, the moon was at the edge of the horizon. I needed to visit the outfitter to get some armor, because I needed a way to protect myself against what could hurt me. The outfitter, Eva Lavante was her name, gave me armor that suited my size, and she even shortened my cloak a little. Eva told me that helmets were for the Guardians, so I did not get one. Eguor took me back to the weapons tent to get me a weapon to use for the time being. As he looked through the scout and auto riffles, I was continuing to glance at the hand cannon I found the other day. I wanted that gun so badly, but I did not say anything, for I knew that the gun Eguor would bring me would be the right one. Sure enough, he found some guns for me. A scout riffle that had seen better days, and a sniper rifle in fair condition. “You’re gonna be one of the support fighters,” Eguor explained. “Daybreakers are dangerous creatures to fight with up close, so that’s why I’ll be with you in the back, and Shin’s group will be up front.” We walked over to the Sparrows where the hunting party was waiting, and we set off to where the daybreakers might appear at the dawn. “Snipers, head back to that rock formation about 1000 yards back,” Shin ordered. “Scouts, go to about 300 yards back, and my group follow me.” Since Eguor and I both had scouts and snipers, we went into the scout riffle group. It would have been very difficult to snipe from 1000 yards back, and only the best sniper rifles were used back there. The scout party watched down our sights as Shin and his group did what the daybreakers hate most: play music. It was some pretty trashy music too. Old pop pre-dating the Golden Age by someone named Justin Bieber. Sure enough, though, the daybreakers emerged from the snow at the break of day. They resembled snakes only with legs. The made a swipe at one of Shin’s men, but a sniper shot that whizzed past my head staggered the beast. Shin then slid in and hit the daybreaker with a shotgun. “SCOUTS!” Eguor shouted. “OPEN FIRE!” The entire scout squad opened fire on the daybreakers, making sure not to hit anyone of the shotgunners. More sniper shots zoomed past us. We fired until our magazines ran out. I managed to shoot one daybreaker in the eye, causing it to fall to the ground dead. “Good shot, Pari!” Eguor said as he saw the daybreaker I shot fall. After about an hour, our ammo reserves ran out, but all of the daybreakers were dead. The three groups then reconvened at the hunting ground, and I ran over to the one I had killed. I saw that the daybreaker hit his head on a rock, causing one of his white teeth to fall out. I picked it up, and showed Shin and Eguor. “That’s definitely a keeper! Don’t you agree, Shin?” “No doubt!” Shin replied. “We’ve got ourselves a hunter blooming right in front of our eyes!” Shin gave me a chain, and told me that he would put that tooth on the chain for me to wear around my neck. “So you can always remember this hunt. Your first and probably greatest hunt.” He was right. The hunts that were to come could never compare to this one. Especially the final hunt.

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