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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
3/15/2017 9:46:36 PM

Hey Bungie, Can you Alter Boss Death Animations?

Before Year 2, ALL bosses would disintegrate (like the Hive) upon death. However, I found a little glitch in your system that prevented a Year 1 boss (specifically Atheon) from fully disintegrating. So, if that is possible, can you just make that a thing? Crota can be different, since he is a ghost, but if you can then that would be nice. I mean, Swordbearers melt but Gatekeepers don't? Valus Mau'ual doesn't melt but Ta'aurc does? Vosik doesn't disintegrate but Atheon does? Tbh this request is for selfish reasons.

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