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3/13/2017 9:41:12 AM

Sidearms and Fusion Grenade magnetism

Hello guys, well, I'm not an expert of Destiny PvP like many other Guardians around here, but, IMHO, I've noticed that the situation in the Crucible after the last Patch isn't changed at all. If the main purpose of the Patch was to balance the abuse of Special Weapons, especially Shotguns, it failed. If before there was an abuse of Shotguns, now the situation is the same but with Sidearms. Yes, of course it's not a "1-Shot-1-Kill" situation, but it's not very different also because a Sidearm needs very few shots to kill a Guardian and it's pretty easy to hit a player also in hip fire. Also, Sidearms dont' lose ammos after death. So, I think the Patch didn't work. Also, I've noticed that the magnetism of Fusion Grenades and similars should be fixed a little. Those grenades can littlerly been throwed blind and you still can hit someone without problems. Players with Warlocks can use 2 Grenades at time and can regenerate them in 25 seconds. It's pratically a guaranteed kill every 25 seconds. I suppose that not everyone will agree with me. That's fine. Just, please, don't post stupid answers or insults, thanks.

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