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Tails of the Dragon Slayer -- Episode III: Pari's Find

Shin had made it clear that Alec was not to come back. I still didn’t completely understand it, because I was only six years old. But, Shin had held his ground, and said that he would not take his decree back. “It wouldn’t be the first time.” Eugor told me. “Shin had told us something similar shortly after he found Jaren Ward’s Ghost after Yor had killed Ward. Now that Yor’s dead, I guess our next task is raising you to fight with us.” “But I’m only six-years-old…” I began. “I’d just slow you down.” “No, you won’t,” Eugor replied. “The strength of the Wolf is the Pack, and the strength of the Pack is the Wolf. You’re one of us now, so we’re not going to let you go.” Eugor brushed some of my hair out of my face, to behind my ear. “Nothing is going to happen to you.” Just then, Shin came up and asked Eugor if they could talk. Eugor said he’d be right back, and the two of them walked off to talk. I remained where I was. I looked down, and there was a dirty, silver plate that was on the ground. It was what my food was on, but it was gone. I don’t remember where the food went, but I guess I had eaten it. Because I was really thin, I didn’t notice what I had eaten. I continued to look at the plate, but it was mainly my reflection that I was looking at. My hair was short and close to my head at the time. Red like fresh blood, and I had a scar right on my cheek. That was where Dredgen Yor’s bullet grazed my face. I started to fear again. The thought of Yor killing my family was too much for me. I ran away from the campfire where I was sitting to a tent. The tent housed all their weapons for any new person who might join the posse. I was drawn to one gun in particular. It looked similar to Shin’s gun [i]The Last Word[/i], but it was white along the top. I picked it up to examine, but I didn’t fully understand how it worked. All I knew about guns was that you aim and pull the trigger. I pulled the trigger, but it was very difficult, almost as if it had been designed that way. The gun kicked back hard, and it shot a hole in tent. The shot rang out through the camp, and the next thing I knew, Shin and Eugor ran in. Eugor grabbed the gun out of my hand, and Shin held me. “I guess we’ve found the gun she’s gonna use, Shin,” Eugor said. “Well, maybe, but not yet,” Shin replied. “That’s one that has yet to find its owner. You might be that person, though, Pari.” “Well, until then, we do need to find you a gun,” Eugor interrupted. “I’m gonna teach you how to hunt tomorrow, and how to use all the different types of weapons in their ideal situations.” “Right,” Shin continued. “But until then, you probably should get some sleep.” The three of us walked out of the weapons tent to Shin’s tent. “This used to be where Jaren Ward, Eugor, and myself slept. Now, you’ll be taking where Eugor sleeps, he’ll be taking where I sleep, and I be taking Ward’s spot.” “Shin, does that mean?” “Yes, Eugor, I will be the new leader of Ward’s posse.”

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