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3/1/2017 2:32:46 PM

False media is self aware; this is the end of truth

So I was watching YouTube videos ya know, mlp fan fic's and top 10 partially nude anime fights of 2016 and shit when I saw an ad that was particularly upsetting. The ad was about truth. It was about truth in media in particular. It starts off by making statements that begin in "the truth is..." about controversial subjects such as locker room talk and alternative facts. It continues like this for a few seconds and then "The New York Times" logo appears on screen after "the truth is..." At first, I thought nothing of the ad. But after a few minutes, it really hit me. A major media source just called itself truth. Now, I'm not saying that New York Times is just another false media source in particular, but calling itself truth is nothing short of pretentious. In this period of questioning media, one cant help but to question this statement. Its both feeding on people's uncertainties by calling itself truth, giving people a media source they can (or think They can) believe, AND it's feeding people's uncertainties. [b][u]If media calls itself truth and we can't trust the media, then what is actual truth?[/u][/b] They say history is written by the victor. When people look back at this time period, I'm not sure if there will be a definite story to believe; because the powerful win, and we lose. If the powerful wins and lies, then will there even be a story to tell?

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