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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
2/15/2017 3:38:45 AM

Elimination Needs Tweaking

This whole no special ammo to start each round is really unenjoyable. Everyone is using either No Land Beyond or Ice Breaker. I feel this isn't what Bungie had in mind when they did the special ammo update. I propose to start each round every sniper gets 1 magazine that's it. Obviously if you die you still lose it. Otherwise you almost feel forced to use one of those 2 guns, as when you try to engage with a primary its immediate sniper fire back at you. On a side note I DO think the special ammo update works for 6v6 gameplay, even skirmish. But Elimination is not working. Hopefully this will be addressed soon, I'd rather not use either of those exotics.

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