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впервые опубликовано в:ArakmahA Hunters
2/10/2017 5:24:51 AM

Forming New Alliances: The Rise of The ArakmahA Hunters2

[b]I'm sure we have all heard that, [i]It is better to be safe, than to be sorry.[/i] In preparation for what is to come, we must increase our ranks. Therefore, let us welcome in new friends and new rivals.[/b] We have been promised great things, and great things should be expected... and when Destiny 2 Launches we will be prepared, but we can not do it without YOU fellow [i]Hunters of the Ahamkara[/i]. By creating a second Clan we hope to not only extend our help to more guardians, but we hope to find more allies and friends who would like to accompany us on our journeys. [b]CLICK [/b]the link to check out the [u]ArakmahA Hunters2[/u] clan page, and [b]feel free to join[/b] as a Group Member or even a Clan Member. [url][/url]

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