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The nine uncovered. [Warminds]

Welcome back. Or if you found this one first, welcome. This is a series of posts discussing what the nine are. Today, we’re looking at the warmind position. [quote]The Nine are deep-orbit warminds who weathered the Collapse in hardened stealth platforms.[/quote] If we assume this to be true, this quote from Xur makes just a little more sense. [quote]"My movements are to a significant degree dependent on planetary alignments."[/quote] Warminds spanned the system with their warsats. Xur probably moves with those warsats and their normally in orbit around other planets. So if Xur needs a ride, he has to get to those Warsats before they move out of reach. Now, for those who would say Rasputin is the last warmind, don’t be too sure. Rasputin is called the last warmind because he’s the only warmind we’ve come into contact with after so many years. In the card Ghost Fragments: Mysteries, Rasputin claims he is alone, but he never says his brothers and sisters have died. Rasputin survived because he hid away in his bunker after realizing he could win against the darkness. It would stand to reason that the other warminds would come to the same conclusion. If the warmind position is correct, it would also explain another quote from Xur. [quote]"I cannot explain what the Nine are. They are... very large. I cannot explain. The fault is mine, not yours."[/quote] This sounds a bit like the description from Rasputin’s card [quote]We cannot characterize Rasputin’s strategic objectives and capabilities, cannot define its physical or computational architecture,[/quote] How do you describe a warmind? The warminds used to span thousands of warsats. They could reach across the entire system. The warminds have their own bunkers with test chambers, armories, server farms, etc. The warmind itself could just be a small room with a super computer built into the wall. It’s difficult to describe the warminds in terms of physical appearance, because they don’t exactly have a “body.” The Warmind position also explains certain interactions with the Reef. Sometimes a crow will wander into the nine’s territory and they’ll take it down. Warminds can take anything down if they have their warsats set up around Jupiter and Saturn (alone with a few doomsday weapons). With nine warminds focused somewhere in these two areas, there’s probably very little that anything could do to harm them. The nine and the reef also seem to be somewhat on the same side. In Ghost Fragment: The Queen 2, the Queen wants to give Skolas to the nine to celebrate their “Mutual victory.” The only thing that comes to mind are the reef wars. It would seem the wolves must have also tried to push into the nine’s territory. Specifically the Anankes (One of Jupiter’s moons)[quote]"Any word of Kaliks Prime?" "We still sense something among the Anankes."[/quote] The nine and the reef have a similar relationship to our relationship with Rasputin. The warmind position would also give just a bit more explanation on why the nine help us, but don’t help us outright. They’re doing the same thing as Rasputin. They still want to protect humanity and are doing so by reactivating old defences and using them to attack the cabal, fallen, hive, and vex. However, something in their new moral structures must have a general distrust of guardians. They’ll supply us with weapons, but they don’t want us to come into their home. On the note of supplying us with weapons, how do warminds control Xur? Well, Xur is an amalgamation of dead cells from various worlds. Rasputin had control over nanotechnology that the splicers used for biological enhancements. It might not be too crazy to think the nine could have SIVA or something like SIVA, and use that to make/control Xur. This concludes the Warmind position. Thank you for your time. To the next one: [url=][Darkness][/url] To the previous one: [url=][Leviathans][/url][quote]Back to master thread: [url][/url][/quote] Cheers :D

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