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Hidden perks on exotics

Last Word: Quickdraw and Spray and Play Thorn: high caliber rounds or outlaw Hawkmoon: Icarus First Curse: Headseeker that procs when landing a headshot for a 2 tap if the first curse perk is active Ace of Spades: Triple tap Suros Regime: Life Support (Original life support) Hardlight: Counterbalance Monte Carlo: Close and/or Personal. Melees that are charged by the monte carlo perk (on kill, not dealing damage) OHK Necrochasm: Exchanged cascade with outlaw. Added crowd control Fabian Stragety: Glass Half Full Khvostov 7g-0x: Snapshot, Quickdraw and Speed Reload (you choose between them) Zhalo Supercell: Crowd Control Mida Multitool: Kneepads. Jade Rabit: Take a Knee Boolean Gemini: Recovery Bonus (+ 2) Touch of Malice: Persistance. Touch of Mercy replaced with Life Support Tlaloc: Army of One Red Death: Original Life Support or Hip-fire Bad Juju: Snapshot No Time To Explain: Persistance Outbreak Prime: Reverse army of one: (enemies affected by siva swarms lose a bit of super and abilities energy/charge) Special and Heavy Weapons tending

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