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Изменено (Talia Sendua): 2/3/2017 3:25:56 PM

We need a Spectating Mode for the regular Crucible!

After watching this Video I thought about a Spectating Mode for friends! This would first help this Players to make more Titan Bowl Parts and second we could make betting who will win and stuff like that. Make E-Sports more like watching on a Tv at home (example would be american football; baseball and other kinds of sport!). This Feature would make a lot of fun! But this Mode should only available in every gamemode which isn't Trials or the current Iron Banner Mode. I hope others agree with my Suggestion! Help me to make it real! [b]Edit 1:[/b] I have read the comments. To all People which wrote "It's called Twitch" or something else in that Way, let us talk about this Statement... Twitch is a Broadcasting Service which grant you the Ability to share YOUR view/perspective to others. They can just see what you see. Now let us talk about a "Spectator Mode". A Spectator Mode is a Player Mode in Games which allows you to fly around the map and watch what other Players do in the game. Some types of this Mode can also locked on the character of the spectated Player. But every View you have is MOSTLY 3rd Person! Not only 1st Person! So please, stop spaming the Sentence, that it is the same like Twitch. [b]Edit 2:[/b] Read first the Comment from [u]fairweatherfoe[/u] before you comment. He said that we wouldn't have really laggy games: [quote]Apparently people do not understand how packet routing works. The host routing gameplay info packets to additional clients would not require additional bandwidth requirements. The host would just have to specify additional clients to send the existing packets to.[/quote] [b]Edit 3:[/b] Many People suggested since I posted this Thread, that the Spectating Mode should work only for private Matches. That would be the minimum for me.

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