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Don't be a Douche

I was doing some Elimination with my two buddies on Thursday and we came across a full fireteam. We thought it might be a challenge, but we 5-0'd them. So they invited us to a party, obviously, and we joined. They turned out to be 3 obnoxious, squeaky noobs, which was weird because they said they were only a year younger than us. I guess puberty is coming a bit late for them! Anyway, they asked one of my friends if he had a primary. He actually had a very good one. He was running MIDA shotty on a Nightstalker. We had a bit of a, ahem, 'disagreement' about shotguns. They were saying they were OP as hell, even though 2 of them were using them. We all stayed in matchmaking to settle it, and they 5-2'd us because we were all shotgunning, even though i usually snipe, while they had 1 sniper, and the map was Shores of Time. They then tried to rub it in our faces, the exact thing they said we couldn't do, even after we explained the difference between 5-0 and 5-2. You could tell they didn't have a clue what they were going on about, so i challenged the one who seemed to think he was their boss to a 1v1. I know, a bit immature, but I was pretty salty at his point. I set the map to Bannerfall and i sniped. My sniping wasn't as good as it usually is because i hadn't used a sniper since the day before, except for a game i joined in progress on Thieves Den and another full game on another really close quarters map earlier that day, but i can't remember which. Let's be honest, it could be any map in the game. Anyway, not the best practise, so i was still rusty. He was dominating me by just bum rushing from the sides of the map, the exact thing he was annoyed at us for doing even when we weren't, so I decided to switch to a shotgun. Granted, my Two to the Morgue is literally a perfect roll, but nowhere near as good as his Matador 64. I easily got 3 or 4 straight kills without coming close to dying and overtook him within 30 seconds of the switch. I realised I was wasting my time, so I left, which obviously caused him to get really mad and scream able into the mic. I then had to go, but he was saying things like "WWHHHOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAA GET DOOOOMED!!!" and "YOU FINALLY DECIDED TO DO THE RIGHT THING AND QUIT DESTINY?" right up until I exited the party. It's people like this that make me WANT to quit Destiny, so please, don't be that guy. Don't be the noob who thinks he's all that and decides to make everyone else's life a living hell. Don't be a douche

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