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Deadly Star, Ch. 1: Resurrection

This is chapter one of my new series. I made a prelude for this that came in parts [url=]one[/url] and [url=]two[/url], so be sure to check those out before reading this. Enjoy! [url=]Master Post.[/url] I open my eyes and begin to take deep breaths, as if not having the taste of air in centuries. "Guardian? Guardian? Get up, Guardian!" Who was talking? I attempt to stand up, my back stiff and my arms numb. I look down to see that I was laying in a pile of rocks in an alleyway. I take note of the caved in garage next to me. I look to see a small drone looking me in the face with a mechanical blue eye. "What... what is this place?" I ask the small drone. It replies, "This was a place called London. If you are wondering what I am, I am a ghost. [i]Your ghost[/i], actually. You've been dead for a long time, now tell me: your name, if you can remember." [i]My name?[/i] I contemplated for a second, nothing coming to mind. "I... don't believe I have one, Ghost." "That's okay, it happens all the time to new guardians. What we need to focus on is getting you to a ship." We heard a strange noise, sounding that of an animal. "This is Fallen territory, they will kill us on sight. Let's stay out if the open if possible." [i]Guardian? Fallen?[/i] I had too many questions. "What are Guardians, and the Fallen as well?" Ghost gave me a look that implied that we needed to go. "I'll explain the Guardian thing later, but the Fallen are a hostile alien race. Just be careful, and no more questions until we get you a ship!" As I ran through an alleyway with Ghost, I saw something move through the street, like an animal. Ghost answered before I can ask, "That was one of the Fallen; we didn't get a good look, but that's why we have to steer clear of the streets." Ghost stood still for a second, seemingly scanning for something. "Guardian, if I'm correct you have a holster strapped to your belt with a pistol inside, you must have been carrying it in your past life!" I looked down to pull the pistol out of my pocket. It felt so familiar to hold. "How lucky are we, eh, Ghost?" "Pretty lucky, and thankfully for us I have already pin-pointed a ship's location. We will have to cross this street, though. Just stay low and close to the broken cars." I kept my head down and was hunkering down to stay out of sight. Before we fully crossed, I looked over to see a large four-armed creature. Silver armor with a red cloak, standing next to him were smaller counter-parts, some having two arms. We slowly crossed, thankfully not being spotted. Ghost whispered, "The larger Fallen with the thick armor was a captain, the smaller four-armed Fallen we call vandals. The smaller Fallen with two arms are the lowest of their rung, the dregs." I looked back to see the captain still standing there, looking into all four of its' blue eyes. "Thanks for the briefing.." I said to Ghost. We walked on to see a large building, still intact, but the support beams were clearly eroded. "Inside is the ship, but you will have to kick the door down. It looks like it was melded into the walls." I looked at it for a second, but I didn't want to alert the Fallen. I tried to rip it off with my hands but it just wouldn't budge. "I know that the Fallen will notice, but we have no choice! Kick it down!" Ghost insisted, and I tried to scan for windows, but they were so high up on the building. I said to Ghost, "I think you are right, then. Here it goes..." I brought my foot back for more impact and my boot made contact with the door, knocking it down. I heard a distant shriek, knowing who's attention I've grabbed. Ghost said anxiously, "I'll try to transmat you as fast as I can, just shoot whatever comes through!" I looked at the ground seeing scattered bones, now knowing why the door was melded shut. [i]These people were trying to keep them out[/i], I thought to myself. I saw a dreg just outside the door, but before it could get inside, a bullet flew into its head. "Nice shot, but more will be coming. Find some cover, Guardian!" I got behind a short concrete wall, and I peaked out and four vandals were pushing inside! I show one of them in the chest, staggering it. Before it could recover I finished him. I saw a clear shot on another, blowing it's head clean off and a white mist spewed out. I picked up a skull off the ground and chucked it at a vandal, knocking it back before more bullets filled its' stomach. The last one rushed at me with large blades while I refilled my magazine. I started backing up, using as many bullets I could to stop it from cutting me open. The last bullet brought the vandal to the ground. Ghost shouted toward me, "Good work, Guardian! Sorry it took so long, you must know this ship is very old." Before Ghost could transmat, the captain came through the door with two blades, roaring with anger. "Pick up the vandals' blades, Guardian!" I looked to the ground to pick up the electrifying blades. The captain cackled and spoke an unfamiliar language. It rushed me with its' swords high, ready to decapitate. But I was smaller, quicker than the captain. I went to cut the captains stomach open, but when my blades struck they bounced off, and it appeared that I had broken a shield. "That doesn't seem very fair!" The captain just laughed and continued to fight. I blocked his quickly executed strokes, but it was hard to keep up with the captain's surprising agility. I backed up a few feet, realizing this captain was not intending to play fair. "Alright then, have it your way." I threw down one blade and drew my pistol. The captain looked at me furiously and roared. It tried to rush me again, but before it could get close I shot it in the chest, causing it to stagger. Before it could recover I forced my blade through the captains' armor and pierced its' heart. I pulled out and the captain made a long clicking noise before collapsing. Ghost spoke excitedly, "Guardian, we're going to get along great, but I'm going to transmat before more Fallen come through that door!" I felt my molecules deconstruct and then I rematerialize on the ship. Before we took off I had to ask, "Will I have to fly it?" Ghost made a noise that sounded like a chuckle and said, "No, leave that to me for now. All we have to do is fly through that hole in the ceiling and get to the Last City." I looked at my Ghost questioningly, once again he answered my question before I could ask, "That's the only safe city left on Earth from the alien life that floods the rest of the solar system. It took centuries to build. I'll let the Vanguard, or the military faction of the City, explain to you what the Guardians are and what they stand for. Commander Zavala tends to do that a lot..." I asked another question, "There are more alien races occupying the system than the Fallen?" Ghost looked unprepared to answer this, and sighed at the question. "Yes, the Fallen are scavengers, pirates, occupying Earth, Luna, Venus, parts of the Reef and maybe some unknown outer worlds. They are split into Houses, we were fighting the House of Devils. There's the Hive, a murderous black magic-type, which occupy parts of Earth and have most of Luna. They also recently placed a warship in the rings of Saturn. The Vex, time-benders and mostly machine. They are occupying Venus, Mars, and completely controlling Mercury. The Cabal Empire, militants occupying most of Mars and Phobos." I was letting all of this soak in, but still a little confused. I could tell Ghost was tired of the questions by now, though. "I'd say that is enough questions for now." Ghost replied, sounding relieved, "Thank goodness."

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