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Изменено (foxburton99): 1/19/2017 7:39:13 PM

The Last Word

For my latest addition of Gud Gear, I will be screaming about the hand cannon we all know and love/hate, The Last Word. The lore behind this weapon is long so I'm going to summarize it, then go ahead with the all-caps ranting. The Last Word is a hand cannon designed by Tex Mechanica and was owned by a Guardian known as Jaren Ward. Jaren Ward was eventually killed by the X-Guardian known as Dredgen Yor and TLW passed onto Shin Malphur. Shin Malphur later killed Dredgen Yor and passed out of our knowledge from there, along with his fabled hand least until it found its way into our hands. TLW has a twin gun called The First Curse and absolutely no relation to Thorn aside from its owners' connections with Dredgen Yor. Famous connection to Shin Malphur's statement "Yours...Not mine" as said to Dredgen Yor during the showdown at Dwindler's Ridge. Summarized. Now for RANT ___________________________________ Are you looking for that perfect gun to use in PvP? That one weapon that'll put your K/D above the measly .1 that you've been stuck at? Now I offer you a solution... THE LAST WORD! Designed in the simple yet eloquent style of pre-Golden Age weaponry, this weapon will drag you straight into the meta and allow you to finally start getting some kills out there! Someone tries charging you with a shotgun? A few quick pulls of the trigger will put 'em down before they even get close! Someone comes at you with Super active? Better hope that trigger finger is itchin' because you have the tool to put 'em down almost instantly! Someone talking too much trash and won't shut up? Grab your trusty cannon and it'll make sure that you get THE LAST WORD! No one will be able to win an argument with you after you get your hands on this beauty, much less a Crucible match! PUMP ALL OF YOUR ENEMIES' FACES FULL OF LEAD! THE LAST WORD! With a flick of the wrist this cannon will fly out of its holster to twirl around your fingers in the biggest show-off display we could put into a gun! You don't even need any coordination, the gun twirls around your fingers on its own! SO STEP ON UP AND BUY THIS THING RIGHT NOW SAUSAGE FINGERS! GET OFF YOUR LAZY BUTT AND BUY IT MISTER ALL-THUMBS! COME ON XÛR WANTS THOSE STRANGE COINS! THE LAST WORD! Your foes will hear the whoosh of you whipping out your Last Word and instantly wet their pants! Do you know how hard it is to clean up that mess when it's in armor?! It ain't easy! No one will be safe with you running the quickest cannon around! Buy now or try your horrible luck on engrams! Make your enemies wish they hadn't humiliated you in Crucible back whenever you had a low K/D! (by that I mean lower than it is now, we all know you don't have a high K/D) THE LAAASSST WOOORRRD! And now for a rap by yours truly, foxburton99. ENJOY IT OR I'LL BLAST YOUR FACE OFF WITH MY LAST WORD! Decrypt engrams You're hoping so badly to get, The one gun That will be worth all of it, Worth the hand cramps To get the gun that will help you hit Number one, In Crucible when you're wielding it! [i]The Last Word! All around I'm a fantastic gun! The Last Word! When you see me come you better run![/i] When you obtain This tool of beauty and destruction, You will know fame As you spread your devastation, And inflict pain On all who stand in opposition, You will know fame As you begin your reclamation! [i]The Last Word! All around I'm a fantastic gun! The Last Word! When you see me come you better run![/i] With this cannon I always get The Last Word, You can't flee The speed in which I kill is absurd, I'm not braggin' When I say I'm PvP Lord, Can't stop me When I use The Last Word! ____________________________________ Hope you all had a good laugh reading this one, I really worked almost kind of hard on that song at the end, sort of. Please like and comment and feel free to read more of these posts at #GudGear or at my Archive, where you can also read my lore posts and stories. Link to Archive: Today I also posted an actual lore post about The Last Word, Thorn, and their owners, so go read something that's not just a bunch of garbage: [i][b]I always get The Last Word[/b][/i]

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