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I have a few points to say. 1. I don't think Rezzyl is Yor. The facts don't line up, he tended to use a auto rifle as his weapon of choice not a hand cannon for starters. 2. Pujari might be Yor. After all he did have a vision of the garden and "cut his hand on a thorn". When he was resurrected it was still there. He felt doubt in the light, and maybe, just maybe, turned into Yor. 3. This is a big one. Everyone assumes that Jarens ghost sought out Shin right? Well, what if it was actually Yor's old ghost? Yor didn't kill it, he simply left it, and in the final card of Thorn (5 I believe?) he actually wants Shin malphur to kill him. Yor says "There it is, a sliver of hope" so I believe Yor's ghost chose Shin 4. I am gonna find a link to a lore video going over the details of the first curse. Hope it helps you :)

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