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1/14/2017 7:09:48 PM

Tales of a Hunter: Thaddeus' love for Mara Sov

Thaddeus -Ghost- Ghost - Yes? Thaddeus - Send a message to the Queen. Ghost - um...well. she hasn't answered any of your previous messages. No to mention, we are currently surrounded by Fallen. Thaddeus - Ghost, haven't you learned- One must give chase in order to catch his pray, and also danger is always the best muse. Ghost - whatever you say- Thaddeus - My love, my dear Queen. I shall chase you til the Darkness has consumed all. And even at that point I shall come to you in your hour of need, embrace you in my arms, and fight off all enemies- so much so that you shall speak my name. The first time I met your luminescent eyes, I was in love. My Light could not shine brighter than my heart did in your presence. My Queen, give me an evening of your time. Our love cannot wait. With love that outshines all Light, Dr.Thaddeus

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