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1/11/2017 12:18:04 PM

Vault Home

Scene set near Vault in Tower, main character is a Hunter. //sunset. [i]...scream[/i] Whyyyy?! - [b]day one hardcore veteran, class unknown.[/b] You wouldn't understand...([b]main[/b]) My family of three was on the edge. I have [b]one[/b] slot in my Vault house. They couldn't even move freely. And my teenage Warlock, my darling, she is so energetic, I want her to have a good life... So I decided to go to black arms dealer [that guy with white mask near huge orbiting device] and I wanted to buy her a father-daughter bond. We approached him and I quickly grabbed shining purple one. 75 Marks for that one. She only knew that we visited a shop (everyone knows that there is nothing faster than Bladedancers, back in the day I tresspassed Crota's abyss faster than my team could freefall into Hellmouth...) We walk home. I knew that in order to enter, we would have to leave some of our possession behind. I looked over my shoulder and suddenly I was basked in the warm glow of my cloak.The Cloak. I froze for a moment, mesmerized by the white and gold pattern, and the glow, oh the glow... But I knew better. [b]"For my family!!!"[/b] I shouted, I ripped it from my back, was brought down to my knees as I screamed and bursted to tears. I started to rip it, every sound reminded me of what I lost in my past. My first walker crash... rip... Uncle Sepiks, god rest your soul... rip. My wife I love you very much...[b] OMNI-JULEEEEEEESSSS![/b]... rip. The wind blew the fabric and my tears, I walked into the house, my daughter after shoocked. I looked at her, I knew she was Destined to great things, I grabbed her arm and slowly slided the bond. My daughter... it's... sniff. it... sniff it is int/dis 100% roll. I barely contained another outburst. "But dad..." she said, Where will Billy keep his towel? Vault is full! You are old enough to know... billy.. billy is special, I raised him after Grandpa Zavalala left his whole harem, and dissapeared. But shuush my daughter, he is adopted, we will have our home just for us, just the two of us.... Zavala came back to City and wants him back. Next time my lovely girl I promise I will buy you that RAM accessory you always wanted. Really dad? Yes, our home can now fit... even my... cloak. END OF SCENE. Main sitting on a floor, Vex structures as far as eye can see. ([b]Main's voice[/b]) Billy had some hand deformations, couldn't reach anything, always angry... But Zavala's blood was coursing thru those disfigured tiny arms, what he couldn't reach... he brought to his level by force. I met him briefly 10 years after I lost my cloak. Illness was progressing hard, he barely talked, just muttered some gurgling sounds. He smashed the heavy synth I gave him as a gift and ran straight into a group of Minotaurs. I only heard his neanderthal scream and then bright bolts of lightning everywhere, so bright covered my eyes. As I adjusted to ambient light I saw a great crater and my billy... chewing on a vex skull. I knew I raised him well, I hope he doesn't hate me. END. Word from author: I never wrote anything in my life, I am not native speaker, I wrote this at 5AM with fever of 40C and hard insomnia. I literally had an audio hallucination that my cat is collecting mario coins. And even with all that, it's too bad not to publish!

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