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1/14/2017 5:52:20 AM

how to bring back Crota's end raid.

Thalnok. think about it, he IS crota's biggest fan-boy, so why not at some point, like, say, after the guardian broke into his funeral, Thalnok took his opportunity to steal some of Crota's essence for himself and then TAKE the now empty throne-world for himself! AND since he WAS a part of Oryx's court, wouldnt he have some Taken under his command? raid reworks could be lanterns are blight-bombs too, and we need to detonate then to build bridge/open portal. no more just skipping through with sword! bridge is built like normal but door opening requires all 4 totems occupied. gatekeeper spawns instead of sword-bearer, so you simply just have to work around him. thrall-way would just have some blights and bombs too i guess. death-singer has the two wizards that come out from the doors be like the triple wizards in court, they revive unless you kill them within a simultaneous window (which will be like, 5 seconds for this encounter). less yellow-bar knights (MUCH less!) but some blights and bombs to keep things interesting. Thalnok (instead of Crota) will be mostly the same, except instead of boomers it will start off with wizards (just like his court appearance). gatekeeper below will be replaced with that unique hive guy (hes not in grimoire) that you killed for your exotic sword (so hes kill-able if you use a sword but otherwise is just a nuisance like gatekeeper before). BUT, heres where things get interesting: after taking out 1/2 of his health, a shade of Oryx comes in and TAKES Thalnok! so now Thalnok shoots fire like taken knights do! (but less frequently, basically just so he can spit fire at people chilling on the mid-ledge). Shade will be giving covering fire instead of the wizards, and requires somebody to shoot him to get his aggro while your sword-bearer goes in. hive sword bearer will now spawn with a few taken goblins who immediately (and only) shield him! after each sword depletes a single ogre will spawn, but its an ogre like golgoroth! just shoot him in the back to open his belly weakpoint and kill like normal. and after Thalnok dies, the shade will enrage and start to spawn over-souls repeatedly until he dies. Thalnoks health wont be as big as Crota's was (with all of this going on i'd say definately half, so like, 2 swords at least doing 4 slams total each. remember him being Taken will guarantee at least 2 swords, regardless of how sword efficient you are). and the shade of Oryx will have normal shade health (since hes making you shoot over-souls too, detracting from your over-all DPS). i wanna say lower the Oversouls' HP too, buuuut then the shade's relatively low HP pool might be to obvious, so like, lower oversouls just a smidge (10-20% tops) completion begins an exotic quest to unlock Necrochasm, BUT Y1 necro will have infusion! that way, those of us that got it way back when get something nice to (temporarily) lord over the newbies with! and as a bonus Thalnok can also drop the crux of crota, which will now ALSO be an ornament for necrochasm! (makes it all ghosty see-through like Crota himself!) plus another one that makes it look taken! raid gear will be recolors (and up-to-date perk'ed) of old CE gear, with ornaments making it Taken OR Crota ghostly! raid perks will bring back the old over-penetrate knight shields, stun wizards, mark enemies, bonus damage to wizards, will of light, and include new ones like ignoring taken goblin shields and dealing damage as if it was a sword (now THAT would be an interesting perk, no?).

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