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1/8/2017 5:00:02 PM

Dream I had about my field trip with Trump and Hilary

I'll hand it to Obama, he's a mean mfer. I can't imagine how intimidating he'd be behind closed doors. I actually had a dream a few weeks ago I still remember. Hilary and Trump were on a school bus with me and a bunch of other students and we were driving somewhere for a school field trip or some shit, on the way there was some big estate and Donald made us get off the road to look at it, he says "you see this estate? I'm gonna buy it, gonna call it Drolutef Estate," or some weird sounding name like that. So we're all like ehhh okay? Hilary and I start talking and I tell her we need to start deporting our indecent people like the British used to do when they'd send folks to Australia. That along with some other crazy stuff made her think I should meet president Obama. So the bus redirects back to the estate and boom, there's president Obama waiting for us. We all exchange welcoming smiles and friendly welcomes and we're all standing there, and nobody is really talking. So trump says to Obama, with his shit eating grin, "You see this estate? I'm gonna buy it, gonna call it Dreliten Estate." President Obama doesn't look at Trump, pauses for a few moments, and says while looking at him out the corner of his eye, "Is that a one-syllable word, Donald?" Trump immediately grimaces and walks back to the bus, I follow after him and find him crying in the back seat. Haha this was my dream it was great. Donald was so embarrassed. Hilary and I came to be friends. Discuss your politically infused dreams, or don't.

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