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1/5/2017 7:46:57 PM

A Suggestion For How Treasure Boxes Work

So, I am one to speak on the side of "Holy shit, I spent £XX and got -blam!- all I wanted." and as such, I feel that there is a way to please both Bungie and Activision, AND us as players. Now understand, this isn't a rant or a dig at them, Bungie are fantastic game creators, and Activision are... Well, Activision are Activision, so... :D Anyway, I was speaking to a mate of mine the other day about how Treasure Boxes could be improved, and came to what could be a reasonable solution. When purchasing Treasure Boxes from Eververse, they have Guaranteed Items, and Possible Items. An idea we had was to group these slightly differently, as we previously had the Treasures Of The Lost, where the Ghost Ghost, Devilled Ghost and Wolf Mask were all listed as Possible Items. Meanwhile, there were also the Consumables in the Possible Items, and so too were the Ornaments for the Bad Juju. You may be wondering where this is going, but just believe me when I say this will make a lot of sense - remove the Ghosts, Sparrows, Ships and Masks from Possible Items. Say what? Yup. It would be a reasonable suggestion, in my opinion at least, to remove these items from the Possible Items list, and instead rework Treasure Boxes and their Armor Sets. I would suggest that each set of Treasure Boxes comes with a Unique Armor Set, one that you can only get from theat type of Box. For example, the current Dawning Treasures would obviously contain the 3 Dawning Sets and the 3 Unique Sets. Now, rather than each Set be shown in the Individual Pieces - Y'know, Helm, Chest, Gauntlets and Boots - be shown as a Token - a single Token with the Name of the Armor Set. When you press Y or Triangle to Inspect the Token, it brings up a Preview of the Full Set. Now, you may think "Where is this going?" but here we are - The Guaranteed Items in a Treasure Box should be the Consumables, the useless stuff that no one reaaaaally cares about. Instead, the Possible Items should be Tokens for 1 Item, be it the Armor Set or Ghost... These Tokens then unlock the Item in the Holiday Kiosk for Purchase with Legendary Marks, be it many or few. The reason for this suggestion is simple and elegant - if you obtain "Token Of Lamentation", you unlock the complete Lamentation Set for your Titan, if you have one. As a quick note, the Armor Sets could drop on any class, not just your own Class, due to the simplicity of the Unlock System. You then visit the Holiday Kiosk, where each Piece of the Lamentation Set is now available to Purchase for their respective Costs, be it 75 for Chest, Gauntlets and Boots, or 120 for the Helmet. These still only drop at 3 Light, and their Perks are Randomly Rolled. Finally, items such as Sparrows and Ships, and possibly other items - Y'know, maybe some Emblems or what-not - could still be listed under Possible, but still drop as their normal forms, rather than as Tokens. Finally, if Bungie still wanted a MicroTransaction Limit to these Armor Pieces, I would suggest that you could make them cost X Legendary Marks AND X Silver Dust, so no matter what, you still need Silver Dust to buy them from the Holiday Kiosk, making it a limited source. However, this still leaves these items available to people that don't want to purchase MicroTransactions, as they could slowly obtain them through the Free Treasures that are given out to players. Again, this is just a suggestion, but I feel that A LOT of players would appreciate a change like this. It would make us feel like we have more control over our money, but still enables MicroTransactions to do what they are designed to do - make money. :D

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