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Изменено (BaneOfTheLegions): 1/5/2017 6:33:45 AM

Trials, Sunsinger Glitch.

Can we get a good post about this going? Really hoping we can get it in front of them soon, that way maybe it will be taken care of sometime in the near future. For those who don't know, In Trials of Osiris / Elimination, If a Sunsinger using Fireborn (Self-Res), uses their super when all enemies are dead, the round glitches and continues all the way into overtime. Allowing the Sunsingers team to gather special, wait for supers, or with Skorri, get their super completely back while the other team sits there spectating their orbs the entire time. (No, that's not how self-res is supposed to work in elimination.) - If someone will link a video in the comments I'll add it in, (I have never done it, but I do have a few saved.) - Has been occurring since The Dawning released. -Only works if all Enemies are dead. (Previously thought all players had to be dead, but have seen it work with 1 teammate alive) -Can we get this some up votes and get it noticed please.

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