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Изменено (iStrambo): 12/30/2016 3:53:06 AM

What's the most anti-META?

I've been mulling over this and recently saw a comment that inspired me to ask the question. I'm asking in terms of a full loadout, class to weapons. Not, "helm of inmost light on defender running melee only." Yesterday I spent just a few minutes in my vault and came up with: Class: Gunslinger Primary: red death Special: Stolen Will (low impact shotty) Heavy: Bonekrusher (machine gun w/ 20 rounds) So what do you think? What could be the most "Anti-META" loadout? Edit: Thanks for all the comments and great conversation. There are some really good loadouts here. You guardians have put mine to shame! Edit2: Although my intention was nothing more then fun conversation amongst fellow guardians, all this great feedback has inspired me to tally up the results. Once things sort of fizzle out here I'll put up a short and sweet post about what I got for anyone interested.

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