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Изменено (MR_COOL_1103): 12/28/2016 5:02:57 PM

Bungie says their game isnt pay to win.....

I can't just help but stress the fact that the community it's here to help and not help. Its sad to say the whole community on destiny. Did not want a pay to win system i can say we all agree. But then trials of osiris came out and proved that destiny needed a blackmarket. [spoiler]Paypal[/spoiler] Thus after the first year proved to be a true challenge for most guardians who wanted to play trials but couldnt make it to the light house. Most elites would begin to charge up to $40 or more per character on each guaranteed a light house run. How come bungie did not put a stop to this cause we pay and play the game much longer benefiting bungie. Its sad to say, as much as bungie wants a clean and healthy happy community they help promote the toxic wood work going on in the backgrounds. Dont get me wrong, I have met extremly great people trying to become full time streamers. Taking people to the light house. But they have the short end of the stick when the [b] community rather pay up to $40 or more to finally reach the light house. [/b] Causing the streamer who doesnt charge not one penny. To play the game less. Destiny has kinda become a job for a large group of people who charge people for light house runs farming god weapons ect. And the rest of us casual players who want that light house run are left behind struggling or willing to dig our hands in our pockets and throw money at the screen to possibly get crapped on by RNGESUS. Leave your thoughts and comments below. [spoiler]also if you do light house runs send info im ready to pay for the right price. Or if you wanna run for fun and me on ps4[/spoiler] MR_COOL_1103-STAY GOLDEN.

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