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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
12/26/2016 1:57:08 AM

Gates a bad racing mechanic?

I know you guys arent racing devs (neither am I lmao) but manitory gates are a bad design choice in my opinion. Checkpoints are cool, but when every hundred meters or so has a gate you're encouraged not to miss, you create a very linear experience. The gates dont allow for exploration and utilizing other parts of the track to find advantages in creative ways. The gates could still exist as boosters but I feel like they shouldn't slow you for missing them, especially when deciding to find shortcuts and rounding corners as tight as possible. My opinion anyway, just tired of looping around through gates like sheep and believe a "gateless" version would help make things more interesting idk. Anyone agree or do you think the gates add something new and original to the genre? Dont get me wrong, I can see someone finding the fun in what you can get away with inside the limits of gates too, just different perspectives and etc

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