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Am I the only one who doesn't generally replay longer games?

Yeah, I don't tend to go back to larger games to play the main story through again. Maybe that's what happens when you're raised on a diet of linear scifi shooters like Halo, Portal, BioShock, and Gears, but I've never once felt the urge to replay Skyrim, GTAV, any of the Assassin's Creeds... It just feels like such an effort to play through them the first time that I don't have the time to do it again. Yet I will replay the Halos and BioShocks and Portals, etc. Maybe because they are comparatively short sharp blasts, and also perhaps because they're so compact relative to the sprawling RPGs or action-adventures that it feels like a trip down memory lane rather than exploring a huge place I'm only vaguely familiar with. I ticked post a poll, where are my poll options? Yes, I marked this topic as a poll, where are the options for me to fill in? Thanks, Bungle, I can't post this as a poll.

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