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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
12/3/2016 11:00:04 AM

Bungie did NOT confirm that they took out Rift!

Bungie IMPLIED that they MAY have taken Iron Banner Rift out of rotation. They did not break any promises, they did not they lie to us. The only thing that you can blame them for is a POSSIBLY wrong decision of selecting Rift. About that, let me tell you this: Iron Banner Rift does NOT decrease your drop rates. It does NOT decrease your K/D. It does NOT affect reputation gained. And yes, fireteams have an advantage in this gamemode, probably more in this specific game mode. Then again, as far as I know, LOSING DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR DROP RATES. So please stop whining about this months Iron Banner and stop being a bunch of bandwagon-hopping crybabies. And if you really don't like Rift, why not play some normal Crucible, and whine on this forums about something that is relative? Sincerely, a casual PvE player.

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