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Into the Hellmouth, part 72: El Fin

Greetings, everybody, here's part 72, the final part of Into the Hellmouth! It feels strange to be done with this story at last. . . Well, the first draft anyway. If you're interested my plans for the immediate future, please read my author's note[url=] here[/url]! Here's [url=]part 71 [/url]if you missed it, or, if you're looking for a different part, here's the[url=] master post! [/url]And as always, stay classy Guardians! A few minutes later, Ikora walked into her room. Eris looked up at her. “What happened?” she asked. Ikora grinned. “The Consensus has decided to let you stay,” she said. “They’ve also given you permission to send Guardians off to fight Crota.” Eris didn’t react with joy so much as relief. She leaned back, and let out a deep sigh. “So, at last, they have listened to reason,” she said. “Not so much reason as much as Saladin,” Ikora said. Eris frowned. “Really?” she asked. “He spoke out on your behalf,” Ikora said. “You either really impressed him or really frightened him. Honestly, I’m not sure which.” Eris grinned slightly. “I’ll have to thank him, I suppose,” she said. “Destroy Crota,” Ikora said. “That, I think, will be thanks enough for us all.” “And vengeance enough for me,” Eris said. The two were silent for a long moment. “Whom should I send?” Eris said at last. “Hm?” “Whom should I send?” Eris said again. “They are potentially going to their doom. I would prefer to only send those Guardians who have the strength to defeat the trials before them. Too many have died as it is.” “Aye,” Ikora said. She look thoughtful. “The Chosen Guardian would be a good fit,” she said. Eris nodded. “They’ll need help,” she said. “No one can accomplish something like this alone.” Ikora nodded. “They’re on Venus right now, along with several other Guardians,” she said. “They’re taking on the Vault of Glass.” Eris nodded. She’d heard many stories of the Vault of Glass - of Kabr’s failed attempt to take it. She often wondered how the titan had felt in his final hours - watching as his friends died, all of them falling because of his own folly. Now, she knew only too well. “Do you think they’ll destroy it?” she asked. “If anyone can, they can,” Ikora responded. “One of my Hidden is with them now; I’ll have them introduce you once the fire team gets back.” “If they get back,” Eris said. Ikora nodded slightly. “Yes,” she said. “If.” And with that, she left. The next day, Eris situated herself by the Tower Courtyard. Zavala had been most adamant in his insistence that she not be allowed in the Hall of Guardians. Instead, he’d wanted her put somewhere “relatively out of sight.” Ikora, on the other hand, had been equally insistent that Eris could do business “wherever she damn well pleased.” Cayde, then, had suggested a compromise - hence, her place in the Courtyard. Eris looked up. A flock of birds passed by, their wings catching the morning air. After so many years underground, it felt almost unnatural to look up and see an endless span of blue sky. Most of the Tower’s civilians gave her a wide birth, preferring to whisper about this new Tower artifice from the distance. Some of the Guardians were more intrepid, but they still dared not speak to her, and kept their hands on their weapons at all times. “Crota -“ she began. Her voice caught in her throat. How could she ask these Guardians to go and fight the thing that had killed so many of their friends? How could she ask them to die? Just then, a small fleet of six jumpships flew in, their Guardians transmatting to the Courtyard below. They all wore strange armor, which looked almost Vex-like in nature. The six Guardians were instantly mobbed by their comrades on the Tower, who eagerly shouted and cheered at their arrival. One of them held a strange, yellow gun above their head - the likes of which she had never seen before. She took her eyes off the commotion for a moment, and looked around the Tower once more. Even Zavala, Cayde, and Ikora had come out to give the Guardians a proper homecoming. Eris turned back towards the Guardians, and was surprised to see one of the Guardians walking up to her. They were covered head to toe in that strange, vex-like armor, and carried the yellow rifle. The Guardian took off their helmet, and gazed at her with something more akin to curiosity than malice. “What are you doing here?” they asked. The question almost took her by surprise, and her mind raced to think up an answer. “I need someone to help me,” she said. “With what?” Eris took a moment to reply. “Vengeance. For all whom I have lost.” She looked up at the Guardian. “Many years ago, me and my companions attempted to the beast who lurks in the Hellmouth. She took a deep breath. “Six of us went down into the pit.” She looked down at her feet. “Only one crawled out.” She looked back up at the Guardian. “I am Eris. The last. I have seen what the Hive call a God. Crota, son of Oryx. He took everything from me. He will turn his eyes to Earth. And only a true weapon of the Light can stop his wrath.” The Guardian nodded. “Tell me more,” they said. [i]El Fin[/i]

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