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11/27/2016 10:23:23 PM

Exotic Primary Ideas

Some Exotics I though up; I think I wrote some of these on another thread that got shut down. If you have any exotic ideas, please, post below [b]Tactical Overkill[/b] Exotic Handcannon [i]Of course it needs a laser sight! Why wouldn't it need one?[/i] Archetype: Max impact, low ROF and reload, high range, medium stability; 5 bullet mag Exotic Perk: [b]No Kill Like Overkill[/b] Hold the trigger to charge the next shot in the magazine, massively increasing the damage Think of this like a mini-railgun; you don't have to charge it up to use it, but doing so increases the power. Also, you can only hold the charge for so long, and it decreases movement speed [b]Dragon's Wish[/b] Exotic Auto Rifle [i]Lend me your soul, oh bearer mine, that we may devour reality together [/i] Archetype: High impact, low ROF and reload, medium range and high stability; 22 bullet mag Intrinsic Perk: This gun does Void Damage Exotic Perk 1: [b]Oh Bearer Mine...[/b] Kills on high level minions of darkness with this gun spawn an axion dart; Crucible kills give bonus grenade energy instead Exotic Perk 2: [b]The Finest Flesh[/b] Reloading directly after a kill with this gun decreases the magazine by three, but increases the damage; stacks multiple times The second exotic perk is the star of this gun; it can eventually drop the magazine to one bullet that will kill a guardian in one hit. However, NO bullets can be fired between the kill and reload, otherwise the perk does not activate [b]Stick in the Mud[/b] Exotic Pulse Rifle [i]Ah come on, that's no fun![/i] Archetype: Grasp-archetype, with slightly faster rate of fire; 27 bullet mag Intrinsic Perk: Full Auto Exotic Perk 1: [b]Boring, but Practical[/b] Increases stability when firing full-auto Exotic Perk 2: [b]Closet Comedian[/b] Each burst shoots an arc, solar and void bullet I'm not sure what to say about this. It's kind of a gimmick gun. Possibly good in crucible? I don't use pulse enough to say. Mainly, I just like the name [b]On Angel's Wings[/b] Exotic Scout Rifle [i]Surely, our ascendance is guided on the wings of Angels[/i] Archetype: High impact and range, low ROF and stability, medium reload; 13 bullet magazine Intrinsic Perk: High Caliber Rounds Exotic Perk 1: [b]Ascendance[/b] or [b]Worship[/b] Ascendance holds you in the air while aiming down sights. Worship grants increased stability and reload while crouching Exotic Perk(s) 2: [b]Angel of War[/b] or [b]Angel of Life[/b] Angel of War increases damage in the air and gives firefly while grounded. Angel of Life heals slightly for damage caused by precision hits This gun is meant to be more versatile and dependent on situation That's all for this post; I'll try to do some heavy and secondary in another. Please post any suggestions or commentary below, and feel free to add your own guns

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