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11/28/2016 12:27:09 AM

Exotic Secondary Ideas

A semi-continuation of a previous post (found in the tag 'Exoticidea'). Feel free to post any ideas below (or criticisms; those are good too) [b]Fire and Ice[/b] Exotic Sidearms [i]Some say the world will end in fire; some, say in ice[/i] Archetype: High ROF, reload and stability, low impact and range; 12 bullet magazine each Intrinsic Perk/Exotic Perk 1: [b]Opposites[/b] Fire does solar damage, while Ice does void; the two are dual-wielded, removing the ability to aim down sights (right trigger is Fire, left is Ice); increased accuracy Exotic Perk 2: [b]Hatred and Indifference[/b] Kills with Fire five bonus grenade energy; kills with ice give bonus melee energy; kills with both give bonus super The name is a reference to a poem by Robert Frost, I believe. Also, while reloading, neither gun can be fired without cancelling the reload animation; if both magazines are empty, priority will go to Fire [b]Pyrrhic Victory[/b] Exotic Shotgun [i]Won the battle, lost the war[/i] Archetype: High ROF and reload, low impact and range, medium stability; 5 shell magazine Intrinsic Perk: This shotgun is magazine loaded; this gun does solar damage Exotic Perk 1: [b]Burn the Ashes[/b] Getting successive kills increases the damage of each bullet; missing, failing to kill, or reloading cancel the damage boost Exotic Perk 2: [b]From Dust[/b] Increased sprint speed and overshield for 5 seconds after revival by teammate I'm still on the fence about this; is the revival thing too much? Regardless, I think it's about time we got a magazine loaded shotgun [b]Semiconductor AS-IV[/b] Exotic Fusion Rifle [i]Vwoop-vwoop shashoom[/i] Archetype: High range, medium impact, low charge rate, low stability; battery size of 7 Intrinsic Perk: Arc damage Exotic Perk: [b]Amplifier[/b] When using an arc subclass, this gun regenerates ammo at a constant rate of 4 charges every 45 seconds; increased charge rate when using a solar subclass; increased range with void subclass I figured this was a good compromise between making an Invective Perk clone or making it terrible but original. Truthfully, I would always use the arc function; ammo for DAYS [b]Blade of Soul[/b] Exotic Sniper Rifle [i]Our sorrows will shape our Blade of Soul, and thus, cut away our weakness[/i] Archetype: High ROF, range; super low impact, medium stability and reload; magazine of 6 Intrinsic Perk: Void damage Exotic Perk(s) 1: [b]Hammer of Mind[/b] or [b]Arbiter of Body[/b] With Hammer of Mind, headshots on an enemy (either normal or major) have a chance of making them turn on their allies. Arbiter of Body grants instant regeneration of some health on headshot kills Exotic Perk 2: [b]Blade of Soul[/b] Using a charged super with Blade of Soul out will reload the magazine and switch into a lower zoom scope; from there, each shot can be locked onto an enemy, or multiple shots onto one enemy. Blade of Soul will automatically aim at the heads of every enemy targeted, with extra damage applied. Enemies can only be locked onto if they are in line of sight, and all bullets will be fired rapidly This sniper is meant to be useful in both PvE and PvP. In PvP, it can essentially turn your super into McCree's ultimate; it can one-shot headshot, but cannot revive snipe or super-snipe. In PvE, it will act as an add clearer, and should- ideally- have a particularly high inventory stat. [b]From Darkness[/b] Exotic Sword [i]We aren't warriors; we were never meant to be...[/i] Archetype: High swing rate, low damage; scabbard of 72 with all upgrades Intrinsic Perk: Arc damage Exotic Perk: [b]The City's Assassins[/b] Pull the left trigger to activate cloaking; uses 5 ammunition, lasts 7 seconds, doesn't end with attacking Ideally, this weapon would only be able to kill a guardian in 3-4 hits. It's a scaled down sword with much less range. Also, it's camouflage would be a bit more obvious than invisibility

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