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Изменено (xenomorph): 11/11/2016 2:26:59 AM

To the Dev's: What are the improvements we should be seeing since last gen has been dropped?

So here we are people. Months have passed since Bungie dropped the 360 & PS3. The past information direct from Bungie themselves was that it was last gen holding things in Destiny back, like Vault Space for one. So I'm quite positively in vain, putting this out there to ask anyone from Bungie... Cozmo, DeeJ, a Dev... Their janitor... What are the improvements that we should be noticing now that you're only coding for 2 platforms instead of 4. Is it improved textures? Better framerates? As stated previously Vault space issues were blamed directly at last gen, so now the servers and databases are most likely less populated than when last gen was here, why wasn't Vault space one of the first things we got with ROI considering how well you understood the demand was/is? I'm not here just about Vault space... But what we the player base should be experiencing differently now. This isn't a whinge, a Bungie bash or a troll. I'm genuinely interested. If you are too, please like, comment (for better or worse) and or just bump this post in the hope a reasonable question might get a reasonable reply (unlike some other posts I've seen that get attention). Later Guardians. xeno out.

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