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Участие в случайно выбранном обсуждении.
Изменено (I Love Mai Waifu): 11/10/2016 1:44:00 AM
This country needs to come together. Instead of deepening the divide, the rift this election caused needs to be healed. America is not dead. If we decide to work together the country can remain the greatest in the world. Democrats need to stop being bitter, you lost because you picked the least likable woman in the country as your candidate. The DNC brought this upon itself. Republicans need to stop gloating, we get it, you won and now you're going to go deport everyone. Instead, the country needs to come together and figure out a way to move forward that won't tear it apart, that'll preserve the nation's unity. Calling people libtards and laughing at them isn't doing anything but brewing resentment. Trump does not mean "World War III" and his presidency won't destroy the nation unless you let it. It is your job to accept Trump as the president and work together with your fellow citizens.

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