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11/7/2016 4:41:02 AM

Queen's Wrath Reputation and Rewards

No Reputation Limit


Etheric Light Drops in lvl 41 PoE


More Rewards Per Package


More Bounties/Daily Bounties


Treasure Keys/Tokens give Queen's Reputation


Complete Queen's Wrath Rep and Reward Change


No Change Needed/Leave As Is


For the guardians who fight for the memory of the Queen. The amount of Queen's Wrath reputation you can earn is not enough, maxing out at around 1,900 rep per week if you transfer all Etheric Light you can earn with three characters which means that it takes two weeks to rank up the Queens Wrath once! There should be more ways to earn reputation for the Queen's Wrath seeing that the only way to earn reputation is by completing three bounties and turning in 6 Etheric Light at max per week. To my knowledge, Queen's Wrath is the only faction that has a limit to rank up per week. A few solutions that there should be is a constant flow of reputation, for example, like Vanguard reputation or any other reputation in the game. Now with the rewards. I have been ranking up the Queen's Wrath and the rewards I got after two weeks were two Queen's Titan Marks, one with ability stats like intellect and strength, while the other mark has no ability stats even after infusion. The next rewards after another week or two gave me another Titan Mark without ability stats, again. The rewards and time to rank up Queen's Wrath is unforgiving. Tell me what you think and please give this post a bump up if you even found this post.

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