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10/13/2016 10:48:08 PM

Trickle-Down Economics Has Completely Wreaked Havoc In Kansas Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, elected in 2010, launched a 'grand experiment' in republican policy by enacting massive tax cuts across the board. Personal income taxes were cut significantly across the board and the top bracket was eliminated completely, based on the assumption that it would jumpstart job creation. "Small" business owners totaling 330,000 had their personal income taxes erased completely. With more reductions to come. With the grand promise of massively boosting the economy, what has ended up happening in Kansas, as history proves with trickle-down economics, is best summed up with this gif. Job creation has become stagnant, deficits have exploded, significant losses in revenue, so bad in fact that cuts to education were ruled unconstitutional by the courts. Even republican lawmakers have started to rise up against these policies (despite supporting them to begin with). Numbers don't and have never added up with trickle-down, by somehow people having more money by cutting taxes, it means more revenue somehow. What the future holds for Kansas, I cannot say.

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