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Shotgun and Shotgun Rusher Counters

People tend to complain about shotguns A LOT, in each year of destiny, but don't really tend to see the real problem. I have been using mostly shotguns since day one of destiny and I don't find them hard to counter out at all. I have gotten a lot of hate messages about having no skill because I use shotguns in each year of destiny. (I still have my Felwinters Lie that I use from time to time) I feel shotguns are more about placement skill and map awareness rather than gun skill (aiming, precision, movement, etc) like most weapons. It's about putting yourself in the right place, at the right time. If someone shotguns you, it's because you let them achieve there goal of getting close enough to you. Keep them at a distance if you don't have CQC weapons. [spoiler]I will admit however, that the whole Titan skate plus juggernaut thing may be a problem, but I'm not really worried about it. You just have to take extra precaution. Plus a well placed shotgun can take out the shield and the player but in my experience that results in a trade a lot of the time lol[/spoiler] Anyway on that note here are good shotgun counters that I've found. Feel free to add on things you've found as well. [b]High RoF Autorifles[/b] Although it can be hard to get the right roll, at close ranges they eat health. [b]The Last Word[/b] - Very good at gunning down a shotgun rusher. There are several exotics and class perks, (Hunters) for each class that improve weapon swapping speed that make this even easier if you're in a jam. [b]Sidearms[/b] - (The Trespasser=Amazing) The ironwreath archetype is best I feel. They can take out a shotgun rusher pretty easily and from very close ranges. Unless there like a foot away from you in which case, you should lose that fight. [b]Fusion Rifles[/b] - (Plan C will beat most shotgun rushers) I'm not as good with fusion rifles but they definitely are very good counters to shotguns and shotgun rushers. They cover more distance, and pack a punch. It's just all about timing. But I'm sure the good "fusion riflers" already know that. [spoiler]It would be pretty cool to see [i]Pocket Infinity[/i] make a comeback[/spoiler] [b]Invective[/b] - (I know it's a shotgun but here me out. It's not your typical shotgun) I might be biased but, Invective is my favorite gun in all of destiny. In terms of shotgun rushers it's simple. The invective is automatic with very nice range as well as final round. While a shotgunner is rushing, put a shot (or shots) into them as they close in. You can have them at half health before they're even at slide shotgun range with the first shot, and before they can even get a shot off you're putting the second one in them killing them. Ammo is never a problem with invective because it regenerates its own ammo. [spoiler]Invective can also eat roaming supers with the right map awareness and placement skill. I have killed many blade dancers, sunbreakers, and stormcallers when they come straight at me. It usually take all for shots though. [i]blade dancers 3 shots lol[/i] [/spoiler] Although it's incredibly impractical. A good [b]quickscoper[/b] can end a rusher. I have personally tested all of these options in a multitude of differnt crucible game modes. [spoiler]primaries in general could use just a little bit of love in hopes of lessening the stigma around shotguns[/spoiler] Hopefully you read all of that before making a response lol. I know the topic of shotguns in destiny for some reason gets people fired up in this community. So let's try to keep things civil. What do you guys/girls think? [b][i][u]Edit[/u][/i][/b] [spoiler]The topic of primaries is coming up a lot as well. Here's my full opinion. Most Primaries shouldn't work at shotgun range range, but the fact of the matter is that some people will rush you from a primary gun's optimal range. Titan juggernauts will run at you from high ROF pulse rifle and auto rifle range because it's an actual viable option. Running at someone with a shotgun from that range because you know their [b]Primary[/b] probably won't do the job shows the weakness of primaries. Not all primaries but a lot of them.[/spoiler] [b][i][u]Edit 2[/u][/i][/b] [spoiler]I try not to use the word secondaries in reference to destiny as they're technically referred to as specials and I believe that there's a reason to that. I believe that they're not meant to be secondaries as that would mean that they're subordinate or inferior to primaries but in fact [b]special[/b]. The have a particular job that they perform and are far better at that job than a primary. Primaries are meant to cover a broad range while special due certain tasks far better. The problem is that right now that Special weapons and especially shotguns are encroaching into that broad range that should be for primaries and since they're specialty weapons they are out performing primaries for that reason. [/spoiler]

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