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Изменено (JoeTanker67): 10/12/2016 12:27:45 PM

User Interface Enhancement Request: Vault Inventory Management

(1) Please implement sorting and/or better organization for the vault (in-game). Ideally user choice to sort by "first/last in" (current sort), alphabetical, type, or light. (2) As a secondary request, method to move partial amounts from the stacked items. I.e. Move 50 of 100 from a heavy ammo stack to/from the vault. The app/web site can do this, why not the in-game vault. The Gear Manager (web site) is great. If some of the basic sorting/organization features can be ported into the game, that would be great. Failing that, any chance Gear Manager features (espically column mode) will be brougt to the tablet (Android, etc.) app? Forum Readers: Please up-vote if you agree. And if you have a better (or different) way to implement, please reply with your suggestions.

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