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Exotic Story Questline

After writing a SIVA strike idea on a previous post, I've decided to start writing out a whole Exotic Story Questline. This will take place after the events in ROI. [b]In Harm's Way[/b] [b]72 Hours[/b] Zavala- Guardian, after your successful mission on Bannerfall, I sent in a fire team to sweep through and and clean up after you. My plan was, to potentially reclaim Bannerfall for the Vanguard and extend our borders. It has been 72 hours and haven't heard from any of them. I don't like the idea of what might have happened but I won't risk sending in a second fire team to find out. You were last there and you are one of the more, competent, guardians I have seen in a very long time. Go in there and bring your brothers and sisters home. [i]Arrive on Bannerfall and explore the area.[/i] Ghost- Guardian I'm picking something up in the comms, "Zavala! DO NOT send back up! I repeat! DO NOT send back up! It's taken control of Davo! DO NOT send back up!" Oh no... [i]Follow SIVA veins that have surrounded a door[/i] Ghost- Guardian, I'll try to get this door open. Maybe, maybe we can find them. Our mission was to bring them home. [i]Ghost will do his door thing. Meanwhile, you fight off waves of splicers until the door opens[/i] [i]As you pass through the doorway. It's very dark. Your ghost is the only light. All you see is pulsing SIVA veins while walking through corridors. The farther you get you see more and more gunfire on the walls and smoking holes in the SIVA veins[/i] Ghost- There's a manual terminal up ahead. It will light up all of Bannerfall so we might have some company. [i]Make your way up to the terminal and switch it on. As you switch it on the ceiling will be filled with splicer vandals and dregs you must escape[/i] Ghost- Just. Run. [i]You make your way down and out of the corridor into an open area. SIVA mites floating everywhere. SIVA veins blocking all the doors. Fight your way though to the center where the SIVA is trying to close. You have limited time to get through the closing hole. You fall down into another room. You find the fireteam wrapped and constricted by the SIVA veins. Gather their ghost shells.[/i] Ghost- I see why the fire team who were sent here just released a comm locally though their ghosts. All signals leaving Bannerfall are jammed. I think SIVA is physically blocking them. Or, something else. We need to unjam the communications and tell Zavala- [i]Lights come on. But they are red. You then hear a familiar Russian voice over the loud speakers. [/i] Ghost- RASPUTIN?! Guardian, we have to leave NOW!!! [i]You have to blast a hole in the wall that's partially broken. It leads to an elevator shaft that you must jump down. As you fall, you see SIVA veins trying to catch up to you. As you reach the bottom, you blow another hole to get back to the center courtyard of Bannerfall where you find find warsats crashing into the courtyard. Letting off electric pulses that are frying the SIVA veins. As you fight off waves of splicers. There is an increase of splicers each wave as well as warsat arc pulses. Until one warsat hits the head of the Bannerfall tower. Unjamming the comms [/i] Zavala- GUARDIAN! DO YOU READ! Ghost- Zavala, were here! We need to be extracted immediately! The fireteam is gone we are all that's here! Zavala- I will not lose another guardian on my watch! We've already sent someone in. Cayde-6- Cavalry is here guardian! God it feels good to do an evac! [i]Cayde's ship is on the far end of the courtyard. You have to fight your way past a beefed up Perfected Servitor then jump from the courtyard onto the ship. As you fly away you watch Bannerfall explode and crumble into the clouds below.[/i] Ghost- Up until this point, Rasputin hasn't been involved with containing SIVA. His main directive is survival. The Cryptarchs have proven that to us. So the question is, was he eliminating SIVA, or us? Zavala, we weren't able to bring back the fireteam, but we do have their ghosts. Zavala- Ghost, guardian, thank you. I may have been premature with my thoughts to restore Bannerfall. But I can always count on you. We will see you in the tower where we will put the fallen guardians to rest. [i]Return to the tower to begin the In Harm's Way Questline[/i] Thoughts? Feelings? Any future post will be categorized as In Harm's Way Pt.~ Edit: Here's the next part! [url][/url]

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