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[Xbox One] Celestial Heirs // Recruiting // Casual Gaming

[url=][b][u]Celestial Heirs[/u][/b][/url] [b][u]NOTICE: WE HAVE BEGUN ACTIVE RECRUITMENT AGAIN.[/u] [/b] Recruitment Admins: [url=]Wallaby Vonwise[/url], [url=]Feral Skier[/url], [url=]Elpis of Nyx[/url]. For help joining, private message one of our admins, a brief interview will be required as a prerequisite and requesting to join will be considered acknowledgment of our [url=][b]clan conduct policy[/b][/url]. [u]The questions below are required and serve as your interview. Failure to submit adequate and full answers when requesting to join will result in disqualification from clan admission.[/u] 1. Are you 18+? 2. Why CH specifically? 3. What games best define your gaming history? Hint: [spoiler]We don't care what level your guardians are or what gear you have. We can make you a level 34 powerhouse brimming with Ghorn might and all that. What we can't do is make you not a little shit.[/spoiler] [b]- Xbox One - Adult clan, 18+ (Strict) - New player friendly - Casual [i](if uncannily talented)[/i] gaming - Established code of conduct - Lore lovers - Clan RP background established - Non-discriminatory policies [i](to guarantee quality member experience for gamers of any race, sex or orientation).[/i] - Small Clan*, focus on quality over quantity in terms of community. We like things on a scale of nice and helpful to dad joke helpfulness. [/b] *[spoiler]*We're a closed access clan. We are actively and openly recruiting but we are a small clan with a non-discriminatory based code of conduct for a reason. We prioritize the interest of standing members who adhere to our code of conduct above players outside of the clan, hence we avoid playing with PUGs as they are not players beholding to our code of conduct. [/spoiler] [quote]The Heirs? Well... It's said they hold themselves above the guardians of the tower and their politics. They do not seek to reawaken or wait for the salvation of the Traveler. They think it's dead, victoriously dead but still a ghost of power. Manning the walls, exploring the outer edges of the husk of our Golden Age, pouring over centuries of records and accounts of the Traveler to eek out what wonders of the light yet remain? They seem to think they are beyond these things, these ancient posts... No. Now, instead they speak ever of their fight to inherit the Light for themselves, forge new paths to the stars to fulfill the manifest of our destiny... Wha-agree with them?! I should say not!!.. Err, or rather, I shouldn't say. By the light, the most I will say is, if you can not aid them in their search for power, stay out of their way youngling, they'll not suffer further delay. [/quote] [b][u]Do not post unaffiliated clan recruiting posts in this thread.[/u] [/b]

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