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9/25/2016 2:19:02 AM

Archon's Forge is unplayable when using a 6-Man team entering from Wrath of the Machine. (PLEASE ADRESS THIS)

I asked my friends if they wanted to go to the Archon's Forge via entering the Raid. Went to the Archon's Keep, saw a random, public event dropped. We'd figured; "Well if that happens in a raid setting but not in the raid itself, Archon's Forge should be open.... Right?" Wrong. My friend went up to the console and tried putting one in, nothing happend. We had Offerings. I switched host to him, nothing happened. This is a HUGE ISSUE. For teams that want to go in and 6-Man an OPEN WORLD ACTIVITY. Now I understand that some of you might say, go do patrol, but either you don't see anyone enter rarely, or you don't have a Siva offering. Or you are most likely trying to Level Up. Along with other issues like holding one offering, or not even dropping.... This one is the biggest. Please address this or add in 6-Man Patrol and any other issues. This is very big disappointment. I wanted to have fun in a PVE environment setting without it being a raid with more than 2 clan mates and I'm pretty sure others want to as well.

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