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Изменено (Marshmallon21): 9/28/2016 11:47:23 PM

Stormcallers are not OP

Stormcallers are not OP. You know what was OP? Thorn, Fusion Rifles (Pocket Infinity anyone?), Shotpackage, Rangefinder, TLW, Hawkmoon, Firebolt grenades, Auto Rifles, The Ram, Vex Mythoclast, Gunslingers, Shoulder Charge, Arcbolt grenades, Special Ammo, [i]Heavy Ammo[/i], Sunbreakers, FINAL F*UCKING ROUND, Gjallerhorn... and what happened to all these things? Nerfed, nerfed, and you guessed it! Nerfed. Now, all that's left is the mighty Stormcaller. And if the forum posts are any indicator, that will soon change (granted, poeple complained about Thorn for six months before it was nerfed so perhaps there is hope for Stormcallers...pfft, yeah right). Nerfs are no longer the solution. Bungie's previous track record in Destiny has proved that they are incapable of making proper nerfs. Sunsingers suck, snipers suck, fusion rifles suck, sunbreakers suck, arcbolts suck, Mythoclast sucks, etc., etc. JUST BUFF SOMETHING, FOR F*CKS SAKE!!!! Make the crucible great again. Buff primaries so they can compete with secondaries. Tone down sniper flinch (it's honestly ridiculous in PvE), give sidearms some range, BUFF FUSION RIFLES, fix hit registration on arcblade, revamp Sunsingers, give Sunbreakers a buff to their super, etc. Make crucible great again. I mean, you know you've made too many nerfs to the game when MIDA, the most average exotic weapon in year 1, that no one complained about at all, becomes elevated into God-tier in year 2 and becomes a "scrub" weapon. *Sigh [spoiler]Sincerely, a Warlock who mostly agrees with what was listed above but really just wants his subclass to remain untouched ;)[/spoiler]

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