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9/28/2016 1:01:44 AM
Totally missed this post. I use it to scout a lot and I use a scout rifle. More range on my scout seems to help with airborne inaccuracy, the icuras perk helps some too but your still gonna miss allot of shots. That being said don't get into gunfights with it, you will die! I use it to finish off people who think they are safe or pester teams from a different angle and distract them from my team. Range is your friend because it will be harder for people to notice you doing it. Be creative, use walls and keep finding new angles. I also like using a sidearm with it because it REALLY throws people off but it's very risky. Fun as hell when it works. I would be madly in love with this perk if not for airborne inaccuracy... it makes it feel so gimmicky when you miss three shots in a row and die but whatever. Check out my build, if I don't have angel of light equipped it's because I'm playing pve. The only two things I change for pve is angel of light and radiant skin.

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